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[GNN] Local Ministers’ Pastoral Meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park in Ghana (August 02, 2011)

7.26 Ghana World Camp Pastoral Meeting with Local Ministers During the World Camp in Ghana, local ministers arranged a meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park in the afternoon. About 70 local ministers whole-heartedly welcomed Pastor Ock Soo Park at the World Camp. Pastor Ock Soo Park preached, “If you do not follow thoughts that occur in your heart but follow the word of God, then you will be able to come closer to God and receive His blessings. In order to bless us, God made a way for us to receive His grace when we return to Him. Repentance refers to turning away from your evil thoughts and coming back to God.”

In the following Q&A session, many inquired about world of thinking and speaking of tongues. Concerning tongue-speaking, Pastor Park answered, “You must distinguish what is given by Satan versus what is given by God. We can do this by referring to the script-xures. Tongue-speaking which comes from God does not diverge from the bible.” During an hour-and-half meeting, local pastors earnestly harkened to Pastor’s word.

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