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[GNN] Press Conference of Pastor Ock Soo Park’s New Book July 20, 2011

After attending the publication ceremony of Pastor Ock Soo Park’s new book, “Who are you that drag me?” in Seoul Plaza Hotel on July 15, over 20 reporters from 12 major media including MBC, JoongAng Daily, Kyeonggi Daily, Monthly JoongAng, News People, Korean News, Headline News, etc, held a press conference with the author, Pastor Ock Soo Park.

Journalists and reporters who attended the press conference showed great interest in the book’s publication background, content, dissemination and future goals, and asked questions to Pastor Ock Soo Park and he answered the questions one by one. Here are a few Q&As:

“I’m a Christian, but it was my first time to see a pastor who works so hard on good deeds, and I am very much impressed. In reality, youth problems are quite serious, so could you please say something about the main point of the solution to the problems? “(Lee Gwonbok, CEO of Kyeonggi Daily)

“As I read the Bible as a pastor, I did some research on how David, a shepherd boy, and Peter, a fisherman, to become great people. All of them became different people after their heart became the same as God’s heart. While I was doing works in IYF, I taught many young people about the world of the heart and led them to have the same heart as God, and lots of students have been changed. Truly, when students get rid of their own borders and communicate from heart to heart they become one, all of them will change and they will be leading the world beautifully in the future.”(Pastor Ock Soo Park)

The reporters who attended the press conference all hoped the book can be a compass in this chaotic era with various social problems and become a must-read.

“First of all, the title, ‘Who are you that drags me?’, really touched my heart. Recently, not only among youths, but also grown-ups of my age, there are lots of people don’t know where they came from, where they are going and how they should live. Especially, there are lots of military problems and suicide problems recently, and I really hope this book can be read not only by youths, but also by many educated people and become a must-read book of this era. I do believe this book is indispensable book for our lives. (Kim Hakjin, Director of Preview Media, JoongAng Daily)

The new book can be bought via Kyobo, Youngmoon, Yes24, Aladin, Interpark, Seoul Mungo, etc. from July 18th (Monday). Please support and pray for the book to become a best-seller and lead many people’s heart towards God’s heart.

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