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[GNN] The first opening ceremony of the World Camp in Japan! (October 06, 2011)

On the 13th of September, the first World Camp in Japan began at the YoYoGi Public Youth Olympics Center. Before the opening ceremony, a reception was held for several politicians and ambassadors. Pastor Ock Soo Park took the time to introduce the IYF to the VIP guests, and among the honored guests, the ambassador from Malawi shared news about the Malawi World Camp and showed his great interest.

Through the perfomances of Rio Montana, Busan Lincoln High School’s dances, the African dance ‘Leko’, and the team from Waseda University; the Oduri Samurai’s dance called the ‘the Southern Uproar’; the politicians, the ambassadors from various countries and the audience’s hearts were opened.

Especially the traditional drum performance from the Wachari Show team and the Japanese festival dance Odori perfomed by the Yoshako dance team showed the special qualities of the moderation and magnificence of Japan. Also the traditional Korean fan dance and the Tae Kwon Do dance showed the moderation and beauty of Korea while receiving the warm applause of the crowd and helped this event shine brightly.

After the opening speech of the chairperson of IYF Do Gi Kwon, Haku Shinkun a member of the Democratic Party, Congressman Otani Kae, and the ambassador from Malawi Juil Reuben gave their congradulatory speeches.

Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the world of the heart while refering to the fact that just as all fruits have different tastes, each individual person has his own special taste. The Japanese fruit called ‘Nato’ has its own special taste and so it is difficult to consume, however when you know its taste you can enjoy Nato and feel its true taste. Just as this, when your heart flows and unites with another heart you can become joyful, and its worth cannot be exchanged for anything. Pastor emphasized that he wished the people of Japan could open their hearts and not just outwardly, while sharing their hearts with other people.

The attendants of the World Camp learned that a person whose heart is closed cannot adhere to the words of others and becomes locked in this own thoughts. That is why conflicts arise. As they heard the messages concerning the world of the heart throughout the World Camp, attendants learned to open their hearts. Pastor preached assuredly that if the youth can understand each other, then with the youth at its core, Japan’s intensity will change.

By the attendants who are learning about the world of the heart through the world camp, Japan will surely change.

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