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God Who Turns Over the Field of the Heart

Although the people who brought the paralytic man on their shoulders to Jesus received grace, the scribes criticized and judged Jesus. A person who thinks he is good at something cannot believe in the Word of Jesus. Therefore, just as a farmer turns over the soil and uproots the weeds from the field, God does the work of removing and crumbling down the heart of believing in ourselves.


The People Who Made a Hole in the Roof and the Scribes

One day, Jesus preached the Words at a certain house in Capernaum. At that time, four people came with a paralytic man to meet Jesus. However, there were so many people there that they couldn’t enter the house. They had no choice but to go up to the roof and make a hole in which they lowered the paralytic man’s bed. Even though it was a difficult task to make a hole in the roof, they did it with a heart that just being in front of Jesus would cure their friend’s the disease. If that thought hadn’t been strong, then the four people would not have made a hole in the roof. These men had the absolute faith that bringing the paralytic man to Jesus would cure his disease. Jesus saw the faith within their hearts and said these words to the paralytic man.

“Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.” First, Jesus taught the forgiveness of sin to the pitiful sick man. However, the scribes who were there disapproved of the Word of Jesus. “Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies? He is going way too far! Who can forgive sins but God only?”

Like the Farmer Who Turns Over the Soil and Uproots the Weeds

After Adam and Eve had committed sin, all people belonged to Satan, and being deceived by Satan, went against God. However, there are people with faith, whom listen to the Word of Jesus and accept it in their hearts. Before, we were children of wrath who followed Satan; but God, who is abundant in mercy, worked with the great love that He had for us.

When you look in John chapter 15 verse 1 it says, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.”The farmer does not just sow the seeds anywhere. Even if it is a good field, if it is filled with weeds, the seeds will not be sown, but instead the soil will be upturned and the weeds removed. Then, after the soil is leveled off and becomes a good field, the seeds will be sown. In the same way, God first does the work of turning over our hearts when He sows the seeds of Jesus into our hearts.

Before I received salvation, God made all my works end up in failure. He put me in despair so that I could put myself down. Thus, I was able to listen to the Word of God. I cannot measure how thankful I am to God for working in that way.

No matter how many times we try to believe in Jesus, if the heart of believing in myself stands resolutely, then, I will accept the Word of God if it corresponds with my heart and not accept if it does not correspond with my heart. Before the heart of thinking, “I am smart, I am truthful, I am kind,”is removed, no one can accept the Word of Jesus. On the opposite side, a person whose heart has crumbled down will accept the Word of Jesus even though it does not coincide with their hearts.


The Lonely Man Who Stands in Front of Death

Not long ago, a sister came to me with her father and requested counseling. He was very old and was having a hard time because of cancer; his heart had completely crumbled down after his wife passed away. In the past, his wife would prepare his meals, give him his medicine, and take care of him with her whole heart, sacrificing herself, but when she left this world, he was in despair. As I was talking to the elderly man, I felt that, “God did the work of crumbling down the heart of this old man so that he could receive salvation!” That day, as I preached the gospel, he accepted it, received the forgiveness of sin, and left in joy. If his wife had been next to him, he could have received her help and eaten well. However, after losing all hope with the departure of his saved wife, Jesus became his hope.

Since, most people believe in themselves when things go well, they do not easily accept the Word of Jesus. They judge Jesus thinking, “do the Words of the Bible correspond with logic or not? Is it consistent with my heart or not?” However, when they crumble down, the only one they can trust is Jesus. Therefore, just as the farmer turns over the soil and uproots the weeds, God crumbles down our hearts and sows the precious gospel of Jesus.


God Who Crumbles Down Our Hearts

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead in John chapter 11. People who saw this should have believed and said, “this is the power of God! Jesus is truly the Son of God!” However, the priests and the Pharisees said, “if Jesus is left intact, many people will believe in Him and the Romans will come and destroy us.” They said that Jesus must be killed.

Just as the people who tried to kill Jesus who raised Lazarus from the dead, when we establish ourselves and look at Jesus with our thoughts, we have no choice but to go against Him, even after witnessing His power. Therefore, in order to crumble down our hearts that are continually established, God gives us disease, pain, sorrow, and disappointment. He is crumbling down the heart of believing in ourselves and establishing the heart of believing in God.

Even today, because of God who turns over the field of our hearts, many people receive the grace and blessing. I cannot express entirely in words how thankful I am about this work of God.

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