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Gracias Easter Cantata delivers the Gospel

Gracias Easter Cantata delivers the Gospel

On March 10th, before the feelings of joy and happiness from the previous night’s performance could even wear off, the staff woke early in the morning to pack all of the equipment and head to Brooklyn, NY.  Having heard the news about the 2013 Easter Cantata, Pastor Juan Castillo prepared to host the Cantata as well. Instead of his church, Pastor Castillo rented a public elementary school with a very good performance environment. Also, he didn’t just invite the congregation members and their families, but also actively promoted the concert so that many people could attend and share this amazing experience.

The orchestra’s playing in harmony with the Gracias choir’s beautiful tunes flowed through the audience and gave them a peace that their hearts had never known before. More than anything, after the audience saw the death and resurrection of Jesus through the Easter Cantata, they gave heartfelt applause after every song.

People continued to applaud even long after the Gracias Choir had left the stage with the last encore song, showing how much the performance touched their hearts.

Right after the performance, Pastor Lee who currently ministering in Brooklyn Church started to deliver the message, saying, “Everyone, it has been 20 years since I received salvation.” The audience listened intently with open hearts from the music.

Through many New Testament examples found in Romans and Hebrews, Pastor Lee delivered the message about the power of Jesus which is enough to conquer not only all hardships and problems, but even the suffering and pain that comes from losing everything.

“Through the works of Jesus you are cleansed from sins.

Through the works of Jesus you are holy.

Through the works of Jesus you are righteous.”

When he asked, “Then, do you believe that you are righteous?” The audience replied with one voice saying, “Amen.” It was such moving moment that can’t be described in words.

Interview with the audience

Q: How was the performance of the choir?

A: The music of choir was … (Sobbing) the Pastor said that we became righteous. I liked that Word very much.

These people listened to the good news. It is a truth that they can’t listen to anywhere else in the world. Today may have been the first and last chance for them to listen to this gospel. Thinking about this, we have been together with the church and the gospel for a long time, so we might not appreciate the power of the gospel as much. But looking at those people sitting there, we could be reminded of how precious the gospel is.



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