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Grand Opening of 2011 IYF World Camp (July 11, 2011)

Communication Place for Youths Worldwide

The festival for youths and college students worldwide, “2011 International Youth Fellowship (IYF) World Camp and World Youth Minister Forum” had its grand opening in BEXCO, Haeundae-gu, on July 5th. This year’s camp will be touring around all big Korean cities including Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon, Daegu, Incheon and Seoul; and the more meaningful fact is that it is 10th anniversary of the establishment of International Youth Fellowship (IYF), the pioneer organization that brought the wind of change to youths worldwide.

Establishment of Korea’s first international network of young leaders

With the subject of “Bring Change”, around 3,500 college students and youths from over 40 countries worldwide, including the host country, Korea and USA, China, India, Philippines, Kenya, etc. and over 6,000 local citizens attended this big event. Besides, Ministers of Youth from over 20 countries gathered together in this camp to form Korea’s first International network to find out the solution to youth problems and how to lead them into global leaders.

Opening Ceremony featured with Traditional Performaces around the world

Opening ceremony started at 7:00 in the evening. More than 1,500 foreign students performed their own traditional culture performances by continent, making a great show. After traditional culture performaces from Thailand, Africa, Ukraine and China, Traditional Korean Fan Dance showed the splendor and moderation side of Korea to participants from abroad.

Warm welcome from Mayor of Busan and Notables

Celebration Performance by World’s Top Chior, Gracias Choir

After welcome messages and speeches of notables, Gracias musicians and choir celebrated camp’s opening with top level music. Gracias is a world’s top choir and was awarded the Grand Prize in 2009 International Choral Festival in Jeju and 2010 International Choral Festival in Busan. The heavenly harmony touched the hearts of all participants and beautified the opening ceremony.

Open Your Heart, A Happy World Will Open for You

In the end, Pastor Ock Soo Park, founder of IYF, gave a special message and emphasized the importance of an open heart.

“There was a brother called Gu Kyitoe, who was a former boxer and was kept in prison for several years. Because of his rough personality, his wife had lots of contradiction before marrying him. But after the marriage, he loved his wife and children so much. One day, he had a drink and came to me to talk about the gall in his heart. He said I have to go to prison, too. I didn’t know why he acted like that, suddenly, he threw a plastic bag tightly tied and ran away. I opened it and found it was locusts almost shattered. He prepared these locusts after hearing that I like to eat them, but he was too shy to give it to me, so he gave it in that way. When I felt his heart, my heart was strongly touched. Just like fruits, each person has his/her own taste. Even if someone is different from you, but if you open your heart and feel the taste of each other, then the hearts will flow and a happy world will open for you. I hope you can open your hearts toward each other and let them flow.

Forum of Youth Ministers Worldwide

After the opening ceremony, Pastor Park met ministers or deputy ministers from more than 20 countries who attended the opening ceremony. They gave appreciation to Pastor Park for inviting them to attend such meaningful international events of 2011 IYF World Camp and 2011 World Youth Minister Forum held by International Youth Fellowship. After opening in Busan, the World Camp will be touring around major cities in Korea, such as Gwangju, and there will be a variety of programs such as communication among students, Notable Lectures, Mind Lectures, Foreign Singing Performance, etc. This year, IYF World Camp will be held in 36 cities in 35 countries globally with a relay started in Thailand during January 24~31. The Camp in Korea is the 14th Camp. Especially, on 8th in Nurimaru APEC House in Haeundae, Busan, Youth Ministers from over 20 countries will gather together to have World Youth Minister Forum for a global cooperation on youth issues and solutions.

==========Goodnews TV Opening Ceremony News Interview============

Kim Jaehyeon / Challenge Class C3

It was my first time to attend the World Camp and I watched lots of performances that I didn’t have chance to see. Especially, I like the African performance and Gracias Choir’s performance. African performance was full of vitality and passion and I couldn’t help but to dance together with them.

Mia / Truth Class D7 (Finland)

It was so beautiful. I felt happiness through Gracias’ music and cannot hide my laughs while applausing. It was truly like heaven.

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