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[Haiti] 2014 Haiti English Camp Day 1 – The Meeting

With a mango in hand they put their bodies inside the bus. Although it was a cheap, uncomfortable ride, that was not a problem because of the excitement of meeting the children.

The first school visited was called “College Inter Family”. It was a place where the IYF English Camp was also attracted to last year. Once entered into the school grounds we could see the students using an empty plastic bottle as a soccer ball. There were also students looked like they recognised our blue T-shirts.

One Step of Hope

“If I collect all the stickers does that mean I can travel with my passport?”, joked one student.

That student’s name was Midy. She also participated in IYF English Camp last year and was so joyful that she could participate this year as well.

“I liked all the programmes in the English Camp but among them I really enjoyed the time we had to share fellowship. If all the people in Haiti were able to share fellowship, it would be great…right?”

The heart of Midy of wanting to build houses for the people of Haiti seemed so precious.

I Really Want to Meet You Again Tomorrow

“I heard the IYF English Camp does not just teach English but also about the Bible. The students came to me and said, ‘I heard the story from the Bible in such strange English, but the content is so new and refreshing.’”

This is how the meeting of Teacher Donald began in the corridor. He said that he wanted to participate in the IYF English Camp which he had only previously heard about from the students.

For the first time the teacher attended ‘Gospel Class’. He stated that through Mark Chapter 2 Verse 5 (“When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven you.””) he was able to have faith that his own sins were also forgiven. He realised how easy it was to believe that his sins were forgiven. Through the brief but clear Gospel, Donald became righteous today. The teacher whose heart was open wanted to continue and attend other classes.

Next there was the ‘Dance Class’ which the students enjoyed the most. Amongst the children who were dancing, you could that see the face of the teacher, who was learning the dance with a pure heart, had a smile just as bright as the students.

Judge? Carpenter? They played a game using the words learnt today, related to jobs, which they had to express with their body. The new atmosphere of how they were interacting with each other, was very different to the normal seated-in-class learning, and this gave the teacher new ideas about education.

“I wish that this class could be demonstrated in front of our school’s teachers. Most of the teachers just pass on the knowledge but they do not prepare lessons where students can participate. I think that because the classes in the IYF English Camp are the ones that students can enjoy together I really enjoyed it.”

The teacher who got a taste of the IYF English Camp and the Gospel, in a very short time, asked to meet again tomorrow, saying that he would come find us.

I Support IYF

Following on from last year there were also those who welcomed us with a welcome heart. One of these people was Joseph Pierre Antoine Francillon, the Principal of Inter Family. Waving away our thanks for the invitation, he began to speak and say that he was evermore grateful to have us here.

“After holding the IYF English Camp the students changed a lot. Through the enjoyment of learning English they were able to find interest in studying, but more than anything else the students were really grateful to hear the gospel. I thank IYF which helped connect the students’ heart with the heart of God.”

This summer, the Principal was invited to the Leaders Minister’s Forum and will go to Korea.

“I think that discussing the problem of youth and finding a solution to them is very meaningful. I am also very excited to visit the beautiful country, South Korea”, said the Principal who was expressing his excitement of attending the Leaders Minister’s Forum.

“IYF is doing such great things. If you see this current generation, there are many youths who fall into the wrong paths, and when to those students you explain about the world of the heart and God, you can see that they are always changing. I think that this is truly what the youth need. Keep driving forward. I will always support and back the IYF.”

On the first day of the camp, God sent us many people to the Haiti English Camp. Through many programmes these many people were able to open their hearts towards the IYF. Change happens after the heart is open and connected but the hope that we want to deliver starts with an open heart. We hope that these people’s hearts will continually become connected to God and have a blessed change in their lives.



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