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[Haiti] Although the Ears and Mouth are Closed, the Door to the Gospel is Open

The Children’s Camp is Opened

The Children’s Camp fee was 250 gourdes. There were children without nametags as registration was not completed. There was a schedule for a fieldtrip in the afternoon and it was important to know the exact number of children but as the time came nearer a nervous child desperately signalled with his hands, requesting a nametag. When asked his name, he wrote down that his name is Doruilus and he is 11 years old. Doruilus was deaf and unable to hear or speak. He sat with two friends who also had no nametag. As we watched them communicate through hand gestures, we were moved in the heart and as we watched them sitting and participating, we could see their hearts were open towards the camp. Seeing their hearts, we decided not to accept any fee and give them the nametag. The uneasy children without nametags smiled brightly as they were given a nametag. Afterwards in an interview, Doruilus’ friend translated for us. His friend Simeon(age 11) said, “I brought my friend Doruilus because I wanted to listen to the Words together.” And we were able to preach the gospel on the spot through his translation of hands gestures and expressions. Doruilus replied with his fingers that he had gained the faith to go to heaven. Although his ears and mouth were closed, the door was opened wide for the gospel to enter and we were very happy.


It is not easy for many people to travel at once for a fieldtrip and the fieldtrip was on the verge of cancellation as the problem of vehicle was not solved but God had prepared an open door. By support of a member of the national assembly who was connected through the English Camp, we able to supplied with 4 large buses. As much as Haiti’s weather was unforgettably hot, the cool air of the air conditioner inside the national museum displayed the history of the establishment of the country. The children, who were excited from the moment they boarded the buses, happily entered despite the hot weather.



The children were focused on the explanation given by the docent. Many of them said this experience was the most impressive as they exited the museum. After the tour, they boarded the bus again after a photo and joyous laughter filled the vehicle. God, who rejoiced in the camp, looked over us and we were able to return after having spent a wonder and meaningful time.



“Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29)

On the last day, co-pastor Abel preached the Words about how the sins were passed over. He called forth two children as actors and showed how John the Baptist baptized Jesus, making the Words easier to understand. Inside the world’s sins, there is the sin of the present, past, and even future. Through Jesus’ death on the cross, the cost of sin was already paid and we have become righteous. The Words being preached touched the hearts of the children.



After the sermon on the last day, there was a presentation time of all the classes. Though preparation time was short, all the teams prepared wholeheartedly. The parents arrived early in the afternoon and waited to see the children’s performance. The children presented fashion shows, singing, dancing, comedy plays etc. various stages. The parents applauded each performance and were joyous.






After the class performances were over, Missionary Jong Hoon Lee (of Haiti) delivered the closing message. Missionary Jong Hoon Lee spoke about how the same knife can either be a tool for killing in the hands of a thief or a tool for saving lives in the hands of a doctor. Likewise, he delivered his hope that the children attending the camp should listen to the gospel, learn God, and receive the guidance of God to be used a tool in changing Haiti. Through the Children’s Camp, the seed of the gospel was sowed in the families of the children and we were thankful to think about the fruits that would bear fruit. More children’s camps will be held in different cities and we are hopeful of the works of gospel that will continue.

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