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[Haiti] Bible Seminar News: From despair to Hope

From April 15th (Friday) to 17th (Sunday), God allowed precious time to hold a three-day Bible Seminar in Haiti.

Although it has been 1 year since the 7.3 level earthquake happened near Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, a Central America country, there are still lots of unrepaired building and collapsed roads, showing the pain after the strong earthquake.

This time, the Bible Seminar was held in the best city hall in Port-au-Prince, the capital, and the best tents in Haiti and more than 1,200 chairs were installed.

In each session throughout the Bible Seminar, all the seats were filled with people, and through their happy faces listening to the gospel, we can see their pure heart in front of God.

During the seminar, Pastor Ock Soo Park held a pastoral meeting with more than 60 local pastors and God made their hearts wide-open. Many pastors were thrilled after receiving salvation and were connected with our mission. Therefore Cyber Theology College will be established for the pastors who were connected this time.

During the Christmas Cantata Concert prepared for citizens of Haiti in the last session of Bible Seminar, all 1,200 seats were taken and more than 300 people kept standing to watch the show.

Admiration and applause never stopped during each scene and their sound of admiration filled the hall.

Just as the Bible Seminar in Haiti led by God, the gospel will blossom in Haiti within God’s guidance. Although lots of souls disappeared without being able to resist the disaster, there are new souls waiting for the gospel. Please pray for Haiti.

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