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(Haiti) God is 100°C in Haiti

The Haiti English Camp has now taken place on four occasions dating back to the first event in 2012. During the first Camp, it took place in only one school but because of the many requests that we had received from numerous schools, many students from many different schools were able to learn English. As much as it was looked forward to by the public, the support and sponsorship of companies were outstanding.


Here, I will explain which company did what specifically to support the English Camp. BRANA, which is a drinks factory, offered soft drinks and ‘Malta’ (Drink in Haiti), the ‘BIG STAR SUPERMARKET’ donated 1000 dollars, the owner of SUN AUTO donated 500 dollars personally, the UN donated 13 tents, a water truck, and a bus while the Metropolitan local Department of Education donated 2200 dollars. Other than this, various companies such as Tropic S.A, who have sponsored us every year, showed a lot of interest.



Especially, the missionary of Haiti said that he is most grateful for the Internet that was provided by the company, NATCOM. Internet was always a problem during these English Camps. So we attempted to receive sponsorship from NATCOM last year, but failed. However, we were coincidently able to meet the president of NACOM at the airport while waiting for the American volunteers. The president came to the church himself; after hearing what we had to say, he opened his heart and decided to install the Internet for free. Moreover, the president invited us to the company and asking about the goals and visions of the IYF, he requested that we work together because of similar purposes. The purpose of NATCOM was not money but installing Internet in all the schools in Haiti. Even after this event, he requested that we continue to collaborate and give Haiti hope.



Because of the interest from all levels of society, during the afternoon of the 14th of June, there was a VIP Meeting in the City Hall. It was the setting where the IYF could declare their vision and thank the support that had been given to them whilst asking the sponsors to continue to do so.



“It is truly amazing. IYF is the first organisation that I have met that is so perfectly prepared and good. I do the work of culture inside of the church. The more programs like the English Camp there are, the better. Because it means that the church will have greater role in delivering hope for Haiti. I like the English Camp because it is the path that shows the miracles in our lives. I want to participate next year with my son. And if there is any other Camp other than the English Camp, I would like to attend that also. Lastly, I want to say thank you to the short-term missionary who came to our church to invite us.” -Girlish

“I do the work of running a farm. Through this English Camp, I was able to learn about the IYF. The English Camp gives the students dreams and hope as well as the will for the future while the IYF has the power to change the students. Especially, I like it when they talk about the world of the heart. Materialistic aid provides temporary satisfaction but a change in the mind becomes the driving force for a person’s life. I am looking to speak to the Manager and suggest this Mind Education to be a permanent subject in the village that I live in.” –Jack


Also, there were people who received salvation while listening to the Word of the Gospel.

“I lived dwelling on my many thoughts. Although I do the prayer of repentance, sin always seemed to be with me and I was pained by that. Then, I heard the Pastor’s sermon; he said that all I have to do to become a righteous person is to believe that Jesus had died on the cross to forgive our sins and that faith came to me. I became free from sin. There is no more reason for me to continue doing repentance prayers. Because I am already righteous. I thank the IYF for allowing me to hear this Word.” –Dahana Pierre


‘Ask of Me, and I will give You. The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession’ (Psalms 2:8) God is the one who works in the students of Haiti through us who have no faith but had just accepted the Word and followed it accordingly. Here in Haiti, where the Gospel is spread as quickly as a bonfire through the IYF English Camp, God’s temperature is at 100°C



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