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[Haiti] ‘Good New Medical Volunteer’ Sketch (April 26, 2011)

During the Haiti Bible Seminar, which was held at the Delmas City Hall from April 14 – 17th for four days free treatment was provided by the Good News Volunteers.

Twenty one Good News Medical Volunteer members along with the 20 Haiti local nursing school student volunteers treated 1,000 patients per day for four days.

From 2 months old infants to the elderly, there was a deep scar in their hearts from the unexpected disaster and diseases.

Although they were wounds that could have been healed with precise treatment at the time of the accident, but as they saw the children who are in an untreatable state all of their hearts ached. We also saw a two months old infant whose life was in danger from a 40 degrees+ fever was treated and gained strength and brought great happiness to the mother’s heart.

Under a tent with no fan in 35 degree weather, the doctors said they were not tired, the nurses who were struggling to find a vain the arms of a young infant, and the volunteers and translator who were struggling to tend to the endless number of waiting patients they did not come to Haiti expecting anything but they came to share…

In them we were able to feel the motto of the Good News Volunteers “When I share myself the world becomes a happier place”.

During the short 4 days treatment many things happened however more than anything we were able to know that the image of Haiti today is not all but we saw the hope in the bright smiles of the children.

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