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[Haiti] IYF English at Police Academy

From the 26th to the 28th of February, for three days, the IYF English Camp began at the Haiti Police Academy. Following the mind lecture from last year in November 2015, the second English Camp was held with 1500 students.


The teachers from the US carried out the English Camp together with the local volunteers. In the first session, English songs were taught to arouse interest in English. The students who were exhausted from the police training brightened up as they learnt songs and dances with their heart and body. Soon, the energetic vibe could be filled the venue.



The students showed interest and paid attention to the lecture as they learned how to pronounce and useful idioms during the class. At the Q&A session, many students raised their hands and participated actively.



During the mind lecture session of Pastor Sang Rok Ryu, the students learned that it is important to have not only good stamina but also a good mind through the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke chapter 15.


On the next day, the students showed much enthusiasm in participation at the first session learning dance.


Pastor Sang Rok Ryu preached the gospel for three days. He constantly asked questions to the students to make the gospel clear to them. Towards the end of the lecture, the lecturer asked the students, “Everyone, are you righteous?” and most of them raised their hands and answered, “Yes.”


In addition, the Good News Corps Haiti volunteers sang a local song, opening the hearts of the police academy students and carrying out activities together.


Personnel from the Department of Youth who came to see the English Camp was interested in the English Camp and requested to hold it together. A program for the instructors of the Police Academy is scheduled to take place in May.


As we saw the Police Academy students open their hearts and accept the gospel through this English Camp, it was thankful moment in which we could feel God working in Haiti. We look forward to how the students who listened to the gospel will spread throughout Haiti to preach the gospel and how Haiti will change in the future through the gospel.



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