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[Haiti] We Were Lacking But God Showed Us His Wondrous Works He Promised Us

The Mind Camp that began on the 27th of November, 2015 ended on the 29th of November, 2015 with the happy laughter of the Haiti Police College students. During the camp, God’s works continued.


On the 28th of November, lecture were held on the second day of the Mind Camp by dividing the morning and afternoon time into A and B time as it was done on the first day. At Lecture A time, Pastor Bong Chun Lee explained about knowledge and wisdom. He emphasized the need to learn wisdom saying that modern day people live their lives believing in themselves with few of the knowledge they have. However, although people have much knowledge, they lack wisdom and they are unable to live a happy life. Giving the story of the boatman and doctor in which the doctor believed in his own knowledge, was proud about it, but later died in the end, he taught that true wisdom is having the heart to deny oneself. He ended the lecture by shouting, “I can be wrong,” together with the students and wished them a happy life by learning wisdom than a lot of knowledge.

Isolation and exchange was spoken about during the Lecture B time. The exact definition and cause of isolation was explained. Also, in order to avoid isolation, there needs to be exchange and only when the hearts of other people are received and both hearts flow together there can be happiness. Moreover, Pastor Bong Chun Lee taught the students the mind of a leader by explaining that to become a true leader, they need to be able to think until the 2nd dimensional thought in which they consider others instead of only thinking at the 1st dimensional thought that only tries to win over others.

As the students listened to the lecture, we could see their hearts changing and feel once again that God was happy about this camp.


At the lecture on the last day, Pastor Bong Chun Lee gave an example of Pianist Hye Young Choi who has only one arm and how Hye Young Choi could not feel love. But after accepting the Word of God, she was able to feel love and her life also changed, explaining that change is opening the heart and accepting. In addition, Pastor Bong Chun Lee lectured about the love of Jesus and preached the gospel. First, the students were shown a video clip of Jesus dying for us and we could see the students shedding tears as they watched it. When we were born we were born with the seed of sin, and we were all able to receive salvation through Jesus who shed his blood instead of our sins. Through this, we were able to feel the love of Jesus and all we need to do is accept that love. He shouted out, “Put down your thoughts and accept from now onwards. Accept the heart of God! Although you have sins, your sins will be gone when you accept,” and when asking who had accepted the love of God, most of the students raised their hands, showing they had received salvation.




After the mind lecture had ended, there was a culture festival held for the students of the police college. During the performance, the students cheered and sent standing ovation at the love of Jesus expressed in the pantomime, ‘Everything.’



After the camp ended in this manner, there was an awarding ceremony by the police college Principal. After delivering the Letter of Appreciation, the Principal did not forget to thank us for giving lectures needed for the students when they go out into society.

After the awarding ceremony had ended, students who would like to comment were asked to come forth and speak. There was one student that raced out to the podium and shouted, “Everyone! Can we possibly just sit still when expressing our gratitude?” and all the students stood up and cheered as they sent standing ovation and expressed their thanks saying, “We thank the Principal for inviting such a precious lecturer, we thank the lecturers for visiting our school all the way from Korea, and we thank the IYF for preparing such a mind education program. As we listened to the lecture and the time we had to express and exchange our hearts was very special to us. Through the many video clips and example stories, we felt like we were in Korea and though it was short, we thank you for letting us experience many things.” and every student cheered as they waved their ‘Who are you that is dragging me?’ book.

Afterwards, the school President said, “We are sorry that this lecture ended at a one-time event. The lecture was very impressive and we have never heard so specifically about the heart before. The students enjoyed very much as well,” asking if they could use the ppt files used during the lectures in classes.


The Haiti Police School Camp was where many works of God could be seen. Although we were lacking in the things we prepared, it didn’t become a problem within the promise of God. We look forward to the future of Haiti through the Police students who learned the world of the mind and also received salvation.

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