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Haitian Volunteer Workshop for 2013 IYF English Camp in Haiti

From April 25-28, a four-day workshop for the second class of English Camp volunteers was held at IYF Haiti headquarters. A total of 200 volunteers for dance and 190 for English interpretation registered to volunteer for the upcoming English Camp starting June 3. A total of 11 additional workshops are planned prior to the camp.

 For many of these students, they would attend classes and even their teachers wouldn’t show up. Going to school brought no hope for them. And even when at home, there would be nothing to do. However, these students came to the workshop, enjoyed the program, and expressed their happiness.

Spanning high school and college, many young prospective volunteers have already registered. Among the 36 volunteers who attended last year’s English Camp, 20 of them participated in this workshop and were a great help in creating an even calmer, more positive atmosphere than last year. Currently, there are almost 150 volunteers practicing dances throughout the morning and afternoon with the guidance and leadership of last year’s volunteers.

As they continually train within their departments and soak in the spiritual development sessions during the workshop, our Haitian volunteers wholeheartedly anticipate the arrival of IYF English Camp volunteers from America.



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