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[Hong Kong] 2018 Youth & Leaders Camp, Filled with Love

On the 19th, participants who attended the YMCA campsite yesterday morning arrived at the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences.



Before the morning hours, the Mind Book Corner was held at the entrance of the venue and attracted a great deal of attention.


The morning session speaker pastor Min-cheol Lee preached through the verses in Deuteronomy 21: 8-12, saying, ‘God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, not because the land of Egypt did not flow with milk and honey, but because they were slaves. But the land that God brought them to was not a land like Egypt.”

He explained that the place God leads us to is not a good place for us, weak and lacking, but it is a good place for God to take care of us.


After a short performance, Pastor Ock Soo Park delivered a message.



Pastor Ock Soo Park said, ‘There is our idea and the idea of ​​God. It is so easy to enter into the idea of ​​God. The reason why faith is difficult is because we are arrogant and do not want to bend our hearts.”

In addition, he explained how a building cannot provide electricity for itself, but there is a power station nearby and the wires are connected, electricity will flow into the building. When we are connected to God’s heart, God comes into us and His peace, joy, and happiness becomes mine.

“When Jesus asked the man who was sick for 38 years old to walk, he had already made him able to walk.” If we connect to His heart, “Jesus tells me that he is willing. If Jesus is willing then I will be healed,” then all of God’s becomes mine.



“I have listened to the Gospel before, but I did not listen to it. I did not know whether the Gospel was true or not, so I wanted to attend this event and learn it. Though I knew the part of being saved by faith, in reality, my actions and thoughts were bounded in the law. We have been saved by grace — not by salvation, but by the Law. The pastor said that before we were born, Jesus died for us and forgave all our sins. We are saved, not by works, but by grace. “- Zhang Gaiyuan

“Before I attended this camp, I had never heard or experienced God, and my father was a pastor of the church, and he encouraged me to come here, and I came here to hear the Gospel class. I met Pastor Sang Soo Kim, and he said I should let my heart to God. We must be connected to God’s heart, not try to see or realize by my head. I will leave myself to God. I believe He will take care of me and make me happy. This camp made me grow. I did not know God before, and my heart was always empty and lonely, but now I have a new goal and direction of my heart. – Li Dal

The afternoon schedule was carried out at the Institute of Science. In the evening, the event moved to the YMCA Auditorium.






The play depicting John Wesley’s life had some mid-scene comic moments that gave laughter to the audience, but also portrayed John Wesley’s journey leading to true salvation, and expressed the preciousness and power of the Gospel.

The final stage was the African stage of the Zaire Choir. As one song was performed, the audience fell in love, and they jumped on stage one and enjoyed the stage together. As the Choir came down to the audience, the entire venue became a venue of festival. The audience got up and danced together and enjoyed the show.





Pastor Ock Soo Park went onto the stage and delivered the Words while the audience’s hearts were open wide.


He said that what we see and the word of God are different through John 2. Also, God gave us the freedom to do anything, even though He could have made us not have a different mind with God. Although we are against God, sinful, and hateful, it is God’s love to accept us if we decide to choose Him despite the situation.

“God did not stop us from eating the fruit of good and evil. Although we see water, if God says it is wine, then it is wine. That is the way the heart of man must flow.”


In the evening, Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the unlimited freedom by God and His wonderful love of washing all our iniquities.


“When the pastor spoke about the remission of sins in the evening, he said God made the altar of heaven and the altar of the earth, saying that our sins are forgiven when we sprinkle the blood of the sheep on the altar. But Jesus washed our sins forever with his own blood in the tabernacle of heaven. In this world we constantly sin and sin cannot be completely cleansed, but the world of God is not a time system, but an eternal world so the blood of Jesus has forgiven all of our sins sanctified us. I was so thankful as I listened to the Words.” – Quanzhou Hyang

The pastor talked about faith and sin and I gained strength in my heart. In the past, there was a great deal of time tied up for the sins in heart. However, I heard through Words of the pastor while attending the camp that all of our sins were forgiven. Although I heard this before, I once again heard that Jesus had inherited all my sins and overcome it. So I am no longer bound to sin. Finally, I would like to thank those for allowing these camps, and I want to be empowered to live a bright life in the future. “- Xirien


During the camp, the hearts of the participants were soaked in happiness because of the love of God and the church through the Word, fellowship, and various programs. Through this camp, the heart of God has been conveyed to the hearts of the participants, and now we will live for the year with the same heart as God. We thank the Lord for allowing this happy camp.

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