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[Hong Kong] Selling the Gospel at the Book Fair

The Book Store that Sells the Gospel Instead of Books

In the blistering heat of July, there was a book fair that was held from the 20th in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong book fair that had gone on until the 26th July, began in 1990 and has been opening in July of every year since then. It is the biggest book fair in Asia. At this huge event, which attracts over a million people, Good News Mission Hong Kong Church sold and installed Spiritual Guidance books as well as book about the mind such as ‘Who Are You that is Dragging Me’.



As various publishers sold books during this period, there were also booths that sold, not only books but, school equipment such as pens and bags. This softened the stiff atmosphere of simply books. Moreover, another specialty of the fair is that one can give lectures and turn on the TV or use any other method to promote their booth. Therefore, the Good News Mission Hong Kong Church used the people walking past their booth as the audience to deliver the Mind Lecture.



The people became curious and began to sit at the seats provided for them and those who had already seen their books, naturally, had the time from Mind Counselling after the end of the lecture. At first, although people were not able to open their hearts and speak out, slowly, they could see the people who had counselling opening their hearts. Additionally, some people even gave them their contact details, which is a difficult thing to see from the people of Hong Kong, who do not often open their hearts.



During the book fair, so many people visited the booth that the fellowship never ceased. Regardless of the age and ethnicity, even the people from different countries such as China visited the booth by the Hong Kong Church. However, although their place of origin and age was different, the content of their problems was the same. It was the disease of their heart. The Hong Kong Church preached the Gospel to those who came to the booths and preached the gospel to them. Everyone who listened to the Gospel was happy and most of the people who heard the Gospel received salvation on the spot.


A student named Wu Ting Ze is in the second grade of high school and she had been going to church ever since she was young; however, she did not have the assurance of salvation before he attended the fair. She participated in the book fair with the mother, but because she had to solve his problem of spiritual life, she was so desperate to a point where she almost sent his mother away to have a look around other booths by herself. After listening to the Gospel and receiving salvation, she testified, “My dream was to study oriental medicine to become a doctor to heal both the soul and the body as a missionary. I am so happy that, after going through difficulty because I did not have the assurance of salvation, I was finally able to receive salvation.


Through this event, numberless people visited the booth for the past week and there were works of salvation as they heard the Gospel. Throughout the book fair, we were able to learn that the people of Hong Kong, who do not often open their hearts to others, have a lot of interest in the mind and the Gospel and we could see how they became connected to the church through the book fair.

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