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[Hungary] The Hungary Student Camp that God Rejoices in

An Enjoyable 2016 Hungary Student Camp


For 2 nights and 3 days, from June 17th to 19th, a student camp was held at a village called Dunabogdány, a short distance away from Budapest, Hungary. 30 Hungarian students and volunteers, a total of 40 students participated. Missionary Won-sik Hong of Bulgaria was the main lecturer of the mind lecture.

Before the camp began, Pastor Dae-do Lee of Hungary preached the Words in Matthew 7:24~27 to the volunteers preparing the camp. He preached that even though the efforts of humans are great, everything broke down when a big storm came, but when God builds upon a rock, it stands firmly. While preparing the camp, we hoped for only the grace and heart of God instead of the effort and righteousness of humans. In this case, thankfulness and joy will only remain in whatever situation we may encounter.


Challenge-Unlike the previous camps in Hungary, over half of the students attending this camp were new. For such reasons, the first day began with mission games with the purpose of overcoming the burden of getting to know each other and approaching new people challengingly. At first, the students were afraid of approaching new people, but as they were playing the game with their heart they were able to overcome their burdens with a challenging spirit.


On the second day, the camp started with academy. The academy session was comprised of 5 activities; calligraphy, Taekwondo, game of slap-match, Hanbok wearing, and hand-tangle game. It was a chance for the students to experience Korean culture directly.


Cohesion-In the afternoon, the students and the volunteers opened the mini-olympics where people create a spirit of teamwork. The students’ teamwork was important in the games of the mini-olympics. Despite the hot weather, the students actively participated in the games and forgot about the heat as they played water games.


Change-As the students listened to 4 mind lectures during the camp, the mind lecturer Missionary Won-sik Hong shared the world of the mind that the students were new to. He emphasized that the enemy of humans is not another person or a neighbour but inside us. He added that it is no other than our own thoughts, and told them of the importance of a mentor. After the mind lecture, there was a group meeting where students asked questions about the lecture and told what was in their hearts.


The manager of the camp venue who heard the mind lecture and saw the group meeting opened his heart and helped a lot with the camp, providing a free place and transportation for the campfire at night. He mentioned that such camp should be held several times a year and that this camp is truly for the hearts of students. He was touched in the heart and completely opened his heart towards us.

In the morning of the last day, there was a time for the camp participants to present their thoughts. Some students expressed their thanks in Korean to the lecturer who gave the mind lecture for letting them learn about the good mind. In fact, many introvert students changed during the camp and came forward to the stage to give presentations by expressing their minds.

Although the 2 nights and 3 days was a short time, we could see God working in this camp as well, and we are hopeful about the camps that will continue to be help in Hungary.



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