[Korea] A trip to the place where the ‘new covenant’ is preached and colored with the gospel

Updated: Nov 16

The 2022 Bible Seminar by Pastor Ock Soo Park was held from the 7th to the 10th at Jamsil Gymnasium in Seoul. Pastor Ock Soo Park, who witnessed the “new covenant” in Jerusalem, the holy land of Israel, preached the gospel to thousands of people who filled the Jamsil Gymnasium last October.

Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the gospel to thousands of Jews and Christians at the Gracias Choir's Peace Concert held in Israel's capital Tel Aviv and Jerusalem from October 18 to 20. Pastor Park conveyed the heart of God who wants to deliver the Jews from their sins with the words “I will establish a new covenant” recorded in Jeremiah 31 of the Old Testament. Meanwhile, Pastor Park is receiving attention as the most influential evangelist by conducting broadcasting missionary activities for the whole world during the pandemic.

The members of the Good News Incheon Church went on a gospel tour by inviting many people to the 'Rev. Ock Soo Park Bible Seminar' held in Seoul. In the deepening autumn, the participants agree that it is a blessed time to listen to the word of truth with people who they share their hearts with. The members of Incheon Church say that they are ‘happy’ when they travel by bus with family, friends, and acquaintances, watch the autumn leaves stretching along the Garosu-gil, and share stories with each other. In addition, many people from multicultural, Russian-speaking countries and silver teams were invited to the Bible Seminar and participated in the gospel tour by bus.

Pastor Ock Soo Park talked about the heart of God contained in the Bible. He also shared the words of the 'new covenant', which he vigorously proclaimed in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. The attendees applauded and shouted “Amen” in front of God’s word of “justification” for us and the grace that God has worked greatly through the mission work.

Shin Kwang-soo, 72, said, “It is a heart-warming event. Listening to the music of the Gracias Choir makes you feel like you are in Heaven. I put things in my heart that I didn't feel in life. I thought I could live a good life, but I had to believe in Jesus, who forgave all my sins. I talked about Jesus in words, but I never believed Him. Now I am righteous because Jesus forgave all my sins and made it all possible.”

The multicultural team prepared a special time after the Bible Seminar. They visited the KBS broadcasting station with the foreigners who participated. In addition, it was possible to experience the beautiful autumn of Korea by taking a walk in Yeouido Park.