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[India] Camp with the Minister of Education of the State of Chhattisgarh

Jaag Yuva Jaag (Young People, get up!) Camp

The state of Chhattisgarh is the tenth biggest state in the whole of India (135, 194 k ) and it has the 17th highest population among 29 states with 28 million people. It is the major source of electricity and steel of India and also one of the most quickly developing states.

On June 2016, through the meeting with the Minister of High School education and with Chancellors of the top 5 universities as well as having Mind Education for the professors, the IYF was able to begin their collaboration with the government and education leaders of Chhattisgarh.


From the 9th – 10th January, there were meetings with the Minister of Education, Minister of Primary Education, the Police Commissioner, the Deputy Mayor of Raipur and Executives of the Scouts to give an in-depth explanation about IYF and to have the discussion about the possibility of Mind Education. The Minister of Education (Director of Sports, Welfare, and Labor), Bhaiyalal Rajwade said that he wanted to officially give the opening day of the “Jaag Yuva Jaag” Camp, run by the government from the 27th-30th January for 1000 young people, to the IYF to run the whole program for that day. It was decided that all the 118 of IYF branch directors and the brothers and sisters would run the programs for that day, through the Mind Education, cultural performances, and Mini Olympics, and that the government would cover all costs of the transport, accommodation and food.

“When the servant of God visited Hyderabad God revealed His heart to us through the Word. The Word of God is the heart of God. God’s plan for creation was also revealed through the Word of God. God speaks about the heart. However, humans know how to speak about things other than the heart. If we take this away, then we are left with God. The word that had been delivered to us through the servant of God is like the gospel. The gospel has the power to save those people who have heard the gospel for the first time. It also become power when one believes it after hearing it 100 times. Because of the word of God that told us to work with the government, we began our work in Telangana, and while working with the other branches of government through faith in this word, I had the faith that the works of God will be revealed through this. Although previously, I could not come forward through faith, I had the faith that If I rely on the word and come forth, then He will work in me. (1 Peter 1:23)

I received a phone call from a local minister named Santtu. From the 20th – 21st, we could not get into contact with the secretary to the Minister of Education and I received news that the Minister of Education were investigating to cancel our invitation as someone had told the Ministry of Education that IYF was a Christian organization.

The circumstances really gave us no hope, but in order to accept this, I needed to despise and reject the word of Pastor who told us to work with the government. Even if we fail, let us choose and pick a side. Without any burden, I became bold and delivered this faith. The one who placed the open door was God. We heard that, because working with the government was God’s will, we cannot fail.

On the 23rd, Pastor Santtu, went to the office of the Minister of Education, but many people were already in the meeting room. The Minister asked if the IYF was doing religious work, but we replied by saying that during this camp we only provide Mind Education and cultural performances. After confirming this, the Minister called his secretary and the on spot and told him to continue to let the IYF handle all the programs for that day.

A problem that we don’t know about may occur. However, who has allowed these things to happen? It is God. Being lacking is not a problem. The barley loaves of John 6, and it was not up to the widow of Zarephath to look in the jar of flour and judge. It is simply a problem of whether or not we believe that Jesus Christ is with us.” –From the testimony of Su Hyeon Kim-


On the 26th of January, there was a meeting in the city of Raipur, with the Minister of High School Education, Prem Prakash Pandey, whom we were able to discuss the Mind Education with last year.

Currently, the central government’s ruling party is the party that is trying to conserve and broadcast the Hindu religion and meditation; the state of Chhattisgarh also has a very strong Hindu influence as it is of the same party. Even the Minister of High School Education was a person who had a lot of knowledge in the concepts of Hinduism, so he began to ask a lot of strict questions about the Mind Education such as it original influence, or whether it is religious. We did not moderate but spoke about the world of the heart.


“Minister, Korea was able to achieve strong economic growth but there is a serious side-effect to that. The education and the economy has improved but the rate of suicide and divorce has become the highest in the whole world. Why do such side effects happen? Just like when blood does not circulate in the body, the problem is that the flow of heart is blocked between, parents and children, teachers and students, friends and societies. Smartphones are separating couples. Even my wife, rather than speaking with me and asking me questions, she spends a lot more time on her phone. In the same way that we can see trees in the desert state of California, after having been connected to the Colorado River, through this Mind Education, we can connect our hearts together and teach the youth that it can flow. This is what can change the lives of the youth.”

The Minister agreed with this and opened his heart.

We were able to feel how great a gift the Mind Education was to us as it would have been impossible for us to work together with the Hindu government without it. We were able to clearly see that it has opened a new door for us to preach the gospel in a non-Christian country.


We took off from the capital city of Chhattisgarh, Raipur, by car to reach the venue and the home town of the Minister of Education, Korea (Same name of the Republic of Korea).


The Minister of Education and the Deputy Minister, 2 Congressmen, the mayor of Korea, the Head of Education in Korea as well as many of the press and youth welcomed the IYF warmly as state guests, invited by the Minister of Education.





Firstly, the 7 leaders of Chhattisgarh all took turns to deliver the message towards the youth. Then, it was Pastor Su Hyeon Kim’s turn to deliver the message. He delivered the Mind Education for 30 minutes and began to speak about the father and the son in the desert, one of the most well-known stories in the IYF.


The students listened so carefully to the lecture and laughed, applauded and were so happy. The VIPs that attended that event were so surprised by the reaction of the participants.



After the message, with all the VIPs in the audience, the cultural performances began.

The brothers and sisters of the IYF Orissa and the Korean students of Chennai prepared various high-quality cultural performances much to the awe of all the crowd.









After lunch, it was time for the Mini Olympics, which include the Scavenger Hunt.

The participants, who were taking part in the Mini Olympics for the first time, were so happy and they were able to the learn the world of the heart that consists of cohesion, exchange and self-control.








In the evening, there was another Mind Lecture and cultural performance. The Minister of Education who was mesmerized by the IYF in the morning event, brought his son and granddaughter to participate in the evening event together.


Every time, the IYF cultural performance began, there were cheers from the audience.



Through a variety of photos and videos, Pastor Su Hyeon Kim delivered the Mind Lecture for one hour.


All the listeners, including the VIPs were indulged into the world of the heart through the Mind Education that they had never heard of before. After the end of the event, the Minister of Education, called all the missionaries, their wives, and students from South Korea to the stage to deliver a gift and traditional clothes to each individual.




Directly before the event, the executives and the Minister of Education revealed that they did not want to give the supporting finance from the government. However, as soon as the event had come to an end, the Minister of Education asked the executives working for him if all the costs for the IYF were covered, and said, “Why are you treating these people who work globally like this because of money and delaying them?!” Like this he gave a support of 10,000USD, and seeing this we were able to able to give the glory to God who accomplished the Word that He had delivered through his servant.

The son of the Minister of Education came to the hotel where the IYF members were staying and had dinner together, speaking about the IYF and helped to secure an interview with the Minister of Education who is his father. During the interview, the Minister of Education said that the meeting with the IYF was meaningful and that several students came to him personally to say that the Camp was great, asking if they could invite the IYF again to hold such events. He promised to organize a meeting with the governor so that the IYF can continue to work for the all the youth in the state of Chhattisgarh.

The Minister of Education suggested that, during the meeting, IYF should mention the office and land that IYF could use during their work of the youth as well as pursuing an MOU.

The local newspaper, News Page 13, wrote an article about the event that the IYF had with the Ministry of Education

In 2017, we were told that the gospel will spread to the ends of the earth.

Chhattisgarh, a Gentile land that the gospel has not reached yet is witnessing the accomplishment of God’s will that the light the of Jesus Christ will shine upon that land.

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