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[India] Finally in India the IYF World Camp has started a spark!

Amidst the spreading of the gospel all over the world, even here in India we are working diligently as we prepare for our first World Camp. Just a few years ago, this great country of India was full of oppression towards Christianity. However through this World Camp, we are able to see how this country is being enwrapped by the love of God.

The World Camp will be held in the city of Pune, which is situated in the province of Maharashtra which also includes India’s biggest city, Mumbai. Pune is the seventh biggest city in India, and is known for its mild climate and beautiful sceneries along with its landscapes.

Twenty three short term missionaries along missionaries from every province are preparing for this World Camp and are extremely busy. The short term missionaries are visiting universities in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai in order to witness about the World Camp. At our church in Pune, short term missionaries from Orissa, Calcutta and Nagaland have gathered in order to prepare for the World Camp. At nine in the morning, the short term missionaries wear their IYF shirts and take pamphlets with them as they scatter to many universities. As they meet the students there, they introduce them to the World Camp and witness to them as well.

The short term missionaries are also meeting the presidents of each university and have received permits to hold an IYF World Camp Presentation, allowing the short term missionaries to dance and hold musical performances before dozens of students. Though we lacked in skills, we were still able to see how the students rejoiced as they saw our performances with a pure heart. One of the GNC 10th class short term missionaries named Chang Min Yoo said, “What we did was strange at first because I had never done anything like this before and so I also didn’t know what to do. However as I interacted with people I realized that I had been living in a tiny well until now. Now I love interacting with people and I am so thankful to be used for such a great purpose.” It has only been one month since the short term missionaries have arrived in India and so at times they are exhausted and burdened by their ever continuing daily lives, however they were able to give testimonies of gratitude due to the strength that the Lord gave them which allowed them open their mouths as well. Also while preparing for the World Camp, the work of gathering students seemed so burdening and was like a great mountain we had to climb. To people like us who had no choice but to worry before this bleak situation, God gave us the word. David prepared many things in order to build the temple of God. However, God did not accept David’s diligence, but through his son he began to build his temple. Through this word we were able to put down all our efforts and laden towards the World Camp, and we were able to wait for Jesus. Until then, we tried to gather students and hold a wonderful camp through our efforts. Because of this heart we felt so burdened, but when we realized the heart of God which wanted to accomplish this camp through the things of God and not the things of us; that was when we were able to be part of the true joy of God who was preparing this World Camp. Please pray for the IYF Pune World Camp which will take place on the 23rd of May for four days.

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