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[India] Gliding on Ascending Air Currents Prepared by God

On February 5th, Pastor Jae Hong Kim was invited as VIP to an assembly hosted by the D.Y Patil Management College in Pune, India under the theme ‘Make In India Challenge and Opportunity.’

In October last year, D.Y Patil Management College in Pune signed an MOU with the Mind Institution and by the earnest request of President J.G Patil, Pastor Jae Hong Kim attended the event despite his busy schedule.


150 professors, post graduates, and undergraduates of D.Y Patil. Management College attended this event as well as Sharp India Managing Director Tomio Isogai, Weikfield Foods Managing Director Ashwini Malhotra, All State Group CEO etc. attended the event as VIP and gave lectures.

Pastor Jae Hong Kim lectured on the reason for Korea’s rapid growth and economic development being the effects of the Saemaeul Movement and Korean enterprisers’ iron will and mind. Moreover, he explained that in order for India’s Make in India Challenge to become successful, continuous publicity and forums are needed to deliver the Make in India Challenge pictured in the Prime Minister’s mind to the citizens.


A total of 4 VIPs gave a lecture and afterwards, reporters rushed towards Pastor Jae Hong Kim requesting an interview. Pastor Jae Hong Kim’s lecture was published on Lokmat, the local daily newspaper.

It was a moment of realization of how remarkable this mind lecture is.





Pune’s Tax Commissioner who was connected with us through the last VIP meeting attended the luncheon after the lecture. Pastor Jae Hong Kim and IYF Branch Manager Pastor Soo Yeon Kim met and shared a small talk. The Tax Commissioner, having attended all the Mind Education held in Pune colleges last January, opened his heart towards the Mind Education and visited Pastor Jae Hong Kim.


After listening to the need for the Mind Lecture, the Tax Commissioner wished to work with us. Moreover, his two sons who are were present at the place and currently CEOs in a consulting company promised to help vitalize the Mind Education activities in various enterprises in Punes.

When we first began the Mind Education in India, we weren’t sure of anything. However, each time we stepped forward step by step believing in the promise given by the servant of God, we were able to meet the people and things that He prepared.

There are birds that must flap its wings like a sparrow to fly whilst there are birds that glide freely through the sky by ascending air currents like an eagle. The Mind Education is an ascending air current in India allowed by God. We look forwards to all the churches in India to ride these currents to fly towards the blue sky.

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