[India] IYF, Together with the 35,000 members of the National Jamboree of Scouts and Guides

“In 2017, we are planning to preach the Gospel to so many people all over the world. In Acts 13:47, it says, “For the Lord has commanded us: ‘I have set you as a light to the Gentiles, That you should be for salvation to the ends of the earth.’ Now, it says that God has opened the way for us to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth and to the Gentiles. When we put our hearts together to preach the gospel to the Gentiles and to all the corners of the world, just like how God had given the widow of Zarephath the jar of everlasting flour, after she had given the small amount of flour that she actually had, give your lives to God’s hands. I believe that the wonderful blessing of this year, 2017, is us, who will be used to do the amazing work of saving the whole world.”

-From the New Year’s Message of Pastor Ock Soo Park-

Following the word that was delivered to us from God through his servant; ‘In 2017, the whole world will be saved.’, we were able to have the opportunity to introduce the Mind Education and the IYF at the ‘17th National Jamboree of Scout and Guides’ that took place in India on the 4th January, which consists of 35000 members, including education leaders, students and guides.




Boy and Girl Scouts are well-known all over the world and takes place in 216 countries, but the most active Scout groups are known to be in India.

A Jamboree is when the youths gather together in a campsite to do camping, take part in cultural experiences and develop their leadership through training. At this Jamboree, which takes place once every four years, there were over 35000 members who came from all over India. (25000 students, 5000 guides, and 5000 education leaders and staff members.

Especially, during this Jamboree, there was the participation of the President of India, Governor of the Karnataka Province among many heights of the education world in order to meet in person, the youths who will lead India in the future.


Mr Sindhia, the Director of Scouts in the Karnataka Province, had met the other directors at the headquarters of the IYF and was told to participate in the World Camp. Like that, he participated in the IYF Camp 2 times and opened his heart towards the IYF while listening to the Mind Lecture and therefore invited us to deliver the Mind Lecture at this event.

It was originally decided to do many more things than just the Mind Lecture such as the Cantata and the performances of Rio Montana as well as the ‘Education Leaders Conference’, but there was a schedule that had already been decided a long time ago and even for the Mind Education to take place, there had to be a cancellation of a laser show. When a part of the budget had been given to the IYF, a few of the event organizers complained. However, the director, who had heard the Mind Education in person defended it by saying, “What do you gain from watching a laser show? If you listen to the Mind Education, the minds and hearts of the students can change, so that is why we must do this Mind Education!” Like this, he protected the IYF against opposition until the schedule was set.