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[India] Spreading the news of Jesus’ birth in the land of Hindu (June 01, 2011)

2000 years ago, Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judas. In the land without hope, joy, or peace, Jesus became the hope, the joy and the peace.

This evening here in India also, Jesus was born.

Throughout 3 nights 4 days, we lacked many things. From time to time, things didn’t work out well, and concerns and worries filled up our hearts. But Jesus was together with us and became our joy, and took responsibilities for all of our problems. Even though it was not winter, nor December 25 and the Christmas Cantata was held in the middle of summer, the Cantata in India was more beautiful than ever.

The Christmas Cantata unfolding in India was truly fantastic. People who watched Christmas Cantata for the first time cheered every time when the curtain was rising and the hall was filled with joy. Students were very delighted by every move and every sound of the Choir. They rejoiced together in the delightful Scene 1, went to Jerusalem land of 2000 years ago together in Scene 2, and felt the happiness together in Scene 3 just as they were their own families. In the last scene, Scene 4, they came out altogether and danced and sang together when the encore song was presented.

It had seemed so impossible and unfeasible. We had neither faith nor wisdom. But when we stepped out just one step only relying on God, God accomplished things one by one. And the beautiful picture of world camp was completed.

Lots of students who did not know about church or Jesus returned to God through world camp this time. Now, it is the Jesus who was born in their hearts to change them and transform them into true leaders in India to lead India forward.

Pastor Ock Soo Park shared the message with joy.

“The most beautiful songs in the world are Christmas carols. They were songs written to celebrate the coming of Jesus. Jesus was born in the manger, smelly, cold and dirty… But after Jesus’ birth, the manger became such a beautiful and holy place. No matter how dirty and ugly a person is, as long as Jesus was born in his/her heart, he or she will change. Although we encounter lots of hardship and miserable things in life, when we open our hearts and accept hearts, when our hearts become one heart, we, everybody, will become happy and blessed. Hopefully, Jesus who was born in a manger 2000 years ago can be born in your heart, too.”

Indian people have no chance to have any connection with classical music. They called Gracias as “the angels from Korea”. Students, who came to this place by train in 5 hours the shortest, 3 days the longest, will never forget the amazing show they have seen here.

The 3-night-4-day camp ended. Lots of students and brothers and sisters directly saw the world camp prepared by God and went home will full of God’s love in their heart.

The camp is over, but now it is the start. Jesus born in the hearts of Indian students will lead them and do the work of gospel in the land of Indian.

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