(India) The First Northeast Winter Retreat in India

From the 4th to the 7th of January, there was the ‘First Northeast Winter Retreat’ at the Nagaland church, India. In the northeast of India, there are a total of 7 regions and it is the most alienated and strange place in India with many Mongolians who live there. In the region of Assam and Nagaland in that area, churches within the Good News Mission are established. Because the churches in Korea sent many servants of God to have World Camps in all of the regions of India, many people during 2014 had received salvation. So, we decided to organise a retreat where the saved brothers and sisters could come together and hear the Word, learn about the church and nurture their faith. Although there were many burdens in terms of the materials or time, with the promise of the church, they overcame those burdens and, in total, one hundred brothers and sisters attended the Retreat from the Assam, Nagaland and Kolkata churches.Although there were many new faces, the saved, holy brothers and sisters were able to get close to one another.

In the afternoon, Missionary Samgwon Kim of Assam church preached the Word precisely about the life with Jesus after becoming a new creation through the cross. He also ran a ‘Gospel Class’ for those participants who have not yet received salvation.

As the participants listened to the Word, they were able to have great faith and thanks towards God who has made us victors. They had changed their perspectives from on their own weaknesses to the Word.

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