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[India] The Gospel Delivered to 100,000 Indians at ‘Telangana State & National Prayer Day’

The year 2016 is an unprecedented year in which God has opened up amazing paths. God established His servant before the heads of the nations, including the President of Benin, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi, the King of Swaziland, and the Prime Minister of Fiji. His work led to opened gates so that the Gospel can work powerfully in those countries. All these things seemed impossible for us at first, and we give thanks and praise to God, who works regardless of the circumstances or difficulties we face.


And in December 2016, God accomplished another amazing miracle through His servant at India. ‘Prayer Meeting for World Peace and Country’ held in Hyderabad on December 10 was the largest Christian event in India organized by the Christian denominations and the government. For the first time in history, 100,000 Christians gathered in the Hindu country of India. Pastor Ock Soo Park was invited to speak at the ceremony as a representative of the world Christian leaders and to pray for world peace, India, and the state government.


In November, Rajesh and Lao, a member of parliament who met us during the preparation of the cantata in Mahbubnagar, saw God clearly working through the Good News Mission and invited Pastor Park Ock Soo as a special guest at this prayer meeting and prepared the Christmas Cantata performance at the end of the program. There were difficulties in the process, but everything was solved and perfectly came together because God only wanted the gospel to be delivered in the land of India.


The Prayer Meeting was held with interim culture performances and the prayers and messages of government ministers and Christian pastors such as Rama Lao Telangana Minister of IT and Industry, Padma Lao Telangana Minister of Physical Education and Youth.


The invited guests started to enter Secunderabad stadium, which is five times bigger than a soccer field, and a separate small stage was arranged on the right side for performances. There were some empty seats at the beginning of the ceremony, but by the time Pastor Park Ock Soo came up on the stage for the message, the crowd filled the stadium.



After prayers and messages from several Christian leaders, Pastor Park Ock Soo stood in front of more than 100,000 Christians in India and preached the Gospel powerfully. Through the story of Choi Yohan, who overcame the poison of the scorpion when he was connected to the word of Isaiah 40:31, ‘But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength’, Pastor Park Ock Soo said that the work of God will come to those who are connected with God.


“If you unite your heart with God, God will work in you. The Bible says that it is for us that Jesus was crucified and died. But we see that we are sinful. Let us reject our thoughts and accept the word of God. ‘Oh, my sin has been washed away.’ I believe that by uniting our hearts with God, God will protect us and give us strength wherever we are, and whatever the circumstances.

When God and we are together, God will work in your heart as electricity flows through the wire. Do not look at yourselves and see the Bible when you face problems. God washed all our sins on the cross of Jesus. If you have the same heart, I believe that God will bless you and give grace no matter what you do. ”



“Today was a great day ahead of the Christmas season. The sister here will also agree. It was such a beautiful time with Pastor Park Ock Soo. Many ministers and members of the parliament came and listened to the message of Pastor Park Ock Soo Park. I believe God will do more wonderful things in our lives. It will especially enable young people and children to feel the love of Jesus. Once Jesus comes into our hearts, all doubts and anxieties come to an end and He is established as the most important person in our hearts. I believe that Pastor Park Ock Soo’s words will bring a new understanding. ” Dr. Vidya Sravanthi / Representative of Hyderabad, Christian Committee of Telangana, Board of Directors, Reqelford International School


Pastor Ock Soo Park, who was on the stage again for the prayer, conveyed God’s promise to India through his prayer.”… Let this nation be filled with the Gospel, and let this nation spread the Gospel all over the world by the will of God. May God bless India. May God Bless Telangana, bless all the politicians who lead this nation and bless and glorify each and every people through God. I thank God for this beautiful meeting. Praise the name of the Lord. We pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”



The prayer meeting was finished with the second act of the Christmas cantata prepared by the Indian church. From the Word, to the prayer, to the performance … God has made everything possible. God has made all things possible only because of the Gospel. He who made the impossible possible will also fulfill his new promise where all India is filled with the Gospel and the gospel is preached throughout the world.

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