[India] The IYF Mind Changes India

In the last week of November, the mind lectures are actively taking place in Hyderabad, India.

After being promised by the state government Department of Youth to receive land for a youth center, the founder of IYF, Pastor Ock Soo Park mentioned that not only will many people change throughout India through the mind lecture but also construction for an IYF center building will begin. When we stepped forward by the guidance of the church, many unimagined new ways opened up such as receiving education fee at the IYF center from the year 2016, being able to preparing lectures and training programs etc.

After carrying out the first mind lecturer training last September with Pastor Jae Hong Kim, we were able to have a hopeful heart towards God about an open door prepared by God through the promise of the servant and we felt that the only thing we needed to do is to find the open door and watch the Lord work.

The mind lecture is spreading out into every field from India’s prestigious University faculty to government and municipal division civil servant education, police college executives’ education, prisoner education in prisons etc.


On the 26th at Guru Nanak University, 250 professors gathered and received mind education. As 150 Guru Nanak University faculty and 110 more from other surrounding universities came as listened attentively to the lecture, the vice-president of Guru Nanak University felt the effectiveness and need for the mind education even more, wishing to extend the education program further.