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(India) The Sound of New Music heard from Bengaluru

Steffi, who participated in the Chancellor’s Workshop during the World Camp in Thailand last February as a Business Practitioner of the Baldwin College in Bengaluru, had actually participated as a representative of the university instead of the Chancellor. Through Personal Counseling with Pastor Ock Soo Park, Steffi was able to listen to the Gospel and with the happiness and thankfulness of receiving salvation, she returned to India.

Steffi did not stop with just herself receiving salvation but she gave her testimony to her father, who had been ministering for over 20 years, and her family, who opened their hearts and wanted to listen to the true Gospel.


Steffi invited Missionary Tommy of Bengaluru to her house and after sharing dinner together with the family, they had a meeting. The family members, whose hearts were already wide open to Pastor Ock Soo Park because of Steffi, listened to the young missionary with the same courtesy that they would treat Pastor Ock Soo Park with. After a short testimony from Steffi, Missionary Tommy began by criticising the contradiction of their spiritual lives that were still dwelling in sin despite believing in Jesus. Then, as he explained with all his heart and body about how the sin of the world was passed unto Jesus Christ, all the people who participated in this meeting including Steffi’s three brothers and parents, received the Gospel and were able to be assured of their salvation.

Before the meeting, the father, who had proudly spoken about all the works that he had done during his 20 years of ministry, could not hide his happiness and said after listening to the Gospel, “Finally, the truth has come into our house. Now we are righteous.” The whole family was overjoyed by the salvation. It was like seeing the rejoicing house of Cornelius, whose house received true salvation through the servant sent by God, after many years of seeking salvation through their own deeds.


Last Saturday, there was also a meeting with the fiancé of Steffi. For so long, they believed that miracles were a part of spiritual life, however; after listening to the Word, one by one, they laid down their own thoughts and accepted the Gospel of true faith and repentance.

This was the new song coming from Bengaluru, India

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