(Indianapolis, USA) The Never-Fading Christmas Gift

The sixth city is Indianapolis. Indianapolis holds the 2nd Christmas Cantata after last year. At 7 pm (local time) on September 25th, the Christmas Cantata will open at the Old National Center — located downtown and a well-known theater to the people of the city. Over 60 citizens of Indianapolis who participated in the 2014 Christmas Cantata sent an email thanking us for re-inviting them this year and requested 400 tickets.

“The 1st stage was most impressive. The birth of Jesus brought tears to my heart. Jesus dies on the cross for us. Jesus gave us eternal redemption. So we can live in joy and thankfulness. Jesus redeemed all our sins.” – Bora Morgan “I was able to feel the thankfulness of Jesus’ birth once again through this Christmas Cantata. The chorus of the 1st and 3rd stage was good. I was able to feel hallelujah once again in my heart through the chorus. The story of the missionary stung by the scorpion was very impressive. When venom entered his body Jesus healed him. I have venom in my body but Jesus gave eternal redemption.” – Bougcrane

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