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[Israel] Korea-Israel gets closer through civilian diplomacy

Pastor Ock Soo Park, who is visiting Israel to celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Israel and the 60th anniversary of evangelism, continued civilian diplomacy on the 20th to promote friendship and cooperation between Korea and Israel.

While he was meeting with Jewish people, on the 20th, he had interviews and meetings with rabbis, IE (Israel Ethiopia) TV, and parliamentarians.

On the morning of the 20th, he had a meeting with Rabbi Raphael Evers. Pastor Park talked about the Levitical sin offering and the gospel of the New Testament laying on of hands, and said that all sins were completely forgiven through the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. Pastor Park said, "When Jesus was nailed to the cross, my sins were washed away. It was believed." He also pointed out that the Israelites were cursed because they promised to keep the law but failed to keep it. He emphasized, "I still do not receive blessings because I keep the law. It is still the same today. No one can keep the law," he emphasized.

Then he said, "Jesus was crucified for our sins," and there was a small controversy about the fact that it was the Jews who crucified Jesus. When they talked about God's love for the Jews, the atmosphere quickly became friendly. In the future, he promised to continue exchanges and promised the next meeting.

After the meeting with the rabbi, Pastor Ock Soo Park and his party moved to Tel Aviv for a TV interview and a meeting with a member of the National Assembly.

IE TV, which is broadcast in Israel, Ethiopia, and Europe, visited and interviewed Pastor Ock Soo Park.

In the interview, questions and answers came and went, such as mind education, specific ways to improve thinking skills, success stories of higher-order thinking, and changes in Andy, a Korean-American who helped establish the IYF.

At the same time, Pastor Park talked about the world of the heart and said, "If you know God's heart, spiritual life is not hard at all and you will be happy."

The reporter from IE TV, who is also the general secretary of the Jewish Church in Ethiopia, said, "I want to see the results of mind education in Israel. I want to help with all my heart next to the pastor who is doing these things, and I want to see things happen."

Meeting with two Incumbent members of the General Assembly, Eli Cohen and Amir Ohana

Assemblyman Eli Cohen [former Minister of Economy] was busy preparing for the election, but he agreed to a brief interview to meet Pastor Park. In the interview, they talked about mind education and promised cooperation related to mind education in the future.

In a subsequent meeting with Assemblyman Amir Ohana [former Minister of Justice], Pastor Park talked about the problems caused by the lack of thinking skills and the need for mind education and exchanges between the two countries.

Assemblyman Amir Ohana said, "Israel is a young country, and I like the idea of breaking the mold. There is a way to break the mold through the pastor's leadership. After the election, there are many things that can be done to renew the relationship between Korea and Israel. Pastor's education will loose the spiritual handcuffs and help people to think deeply."

Pastor Park shared the impressions that Rabbi Jonah said when he visited Korea Mind School, saying, 'I have never seen a school like this.' "Even though the children were young, everything was neat and outstanding," he said.

Also, referring to the Peace Concert held last night, the assemblyman said, "I heard that yesterday's concert was a success. (3,000 seats) It would be the first time in Israel on such a scale."

Pastor Park said, "There should have been exchanges between Israel and Korea, but I took the lead. I met about 40 presidents, and I met them because of this education. I want to have deep exchanges with Israel."

The assemblyman said, "I agree with you and want to hear more about your thinking ability. I also want to visit Korea. I believe you will be in a position to strengthen our relationship in two weeks (after the election). Please see me as a friend."


After the Peace Concert on the evening of the 20th, Pastor Ock Soo Park met with Kenyan President Religious Advisor Bishop Joseph Moffat Kiliova, Chief Rabbi Jonah Metzger, and pastor of the African Church in Israel.

Pastor Ock Soo Park met with people from all walks of life in Israel, laying the groundwork for friendship and cooperation between Korea and Israel. Also, through Pastor Park, who is also called God's ambassador, we hope that God's heart will be delivered to Israel and that they will be at peace with God again.



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