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(Ivory Coast) Camp in Ivory Coast Guided by God

From the 22nd of March to the 1st of April there has been a two-week camp for the student in Ivory Coast who were on their Easter Holidays. From the 22nd of March to the 25th there were regional camps outside of Abidjan and from the 29th of March to the 1st of April there was a conference camp in Abidjan with Pasotr Juwon Kim from Good News Yeosu Church.


Camp which overcame terrorism

Two weeks before the camp took place in a beachside hotel in Bassam, which is thirty minutes away from Abidjan, there was a IS terror attack which killed more than one hundred people.

After this day the government called upon the FBI to investigate and on television there were adverts saying that people should not go to big gatherings where there will be a big crowd of people. The schools were not allowing recruitment of the students for the camp as well, therefore the camp seemed impossible. However, the week after the terrorist attack there was the regional camps all throughout the country as well as in the capital Abidjan. Obviously it was difficult to hire a place and recruit participants but just in Abidjan there were more than a thousand participants. Regardless of the circumstances God has called upon his new children and allowed them to have a joyful and blessed time under his wings.



The regional camps took place in rented school in ten different cities including Yamoussoukro, San-Pedro, Abengourou, Man, and Divo.



During the camp the local pastors of Ivory Coast were invited as speakers and they preached in the morning and the evening. Also there were mind lectures, gospel classes, academies (English, math, Korean, Chinese) and there was also a time for recreation.


In preparation of the regional camps the short term missionaries went separately to different regions and prepared the Righteous Stars and cultural dance as well as the academies.


“In Yamoussoukro the place we rented for the camp suddenly got cancelled so there were difficulties in finding a new place for the camp. However, about one hundred students came to attend the camp and 6 students who were saved through the camp were connected to the church. So they came to Sunday Service and they also testified. They were a great joy to the church and were were very grateful.” Volunteer Lee Youngsun

In Man the weather was very hot, but God still led the footsteps of the students to attend the camp.

“Those who seemed not interested at first, actively participated in the programs and they opened their hearts wide. The mayor of Man came to visit and encourage the participants and also sponsored the camp through donations. Most of the participants also came to attend the following seminar where they listened to the word and had fellowship with the local pastors. Even after that there were many people who were connected to the church and demonstrated interest in the Gospel, therefore it was a grateful week.” Volunteer Jung Sukyoung


The camp in Abidjan was specially held in l’école régionale de Trechiville with the guest speaker Pastor Kim Juwon for 4 days. There were various programs and academies.




Especially during the mind lecture the newspaper company called ‘Fraternité Matin’ came to write an article about the camp. And the fellowship between Pastor Kim, his wife and the local pastors and their wives continued on deep into the night.


Pastor Kim Juwon preached about how we can know about God’s existence through all the creations of this world. He also preached about the word in March 28, which talks about how God is always with us regardless of any circumstances that we meet. Such words touched greatly the hearts of the participants.


The tense atmosphere in Ivory Coast was loosed through the camp and the gospel which could be heard from the gospel classes, being preached by the local pastors were filling the hearts of the new participants with calm happiness.

The weather was extremely hot for the duration of the camp but in the morning through the cloud God prepared the shade for the participants and the heavy shower which poured one morning felt like the gift of God to cool down the heat.





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