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IYF and Worldwide Orphans Foundation host multi-day camp in Kenscoff, Haiti

The IYF Haiti branch collaborated on a special camp exclusively for orphans associated with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO), as well as neighbors of WWO’s Kenscoff camp in Haiti. Programs from IYF for these youths included Taekwondo, Song & Dance, Spanish, English, Gospel Class, and Intro to Medicine.

IYF Haiti volunteers served as teachers and assistants for each program. Classes were divided into morning and evening sessions and administered like a typical IYF English Camp. Participants ranged from ages 10-20. All activties were held at WWO’s Kenscoff campus, located about an hour outside of Port Au Prince.

A total of 200 participants and 50 volunteers attended this special event, which ran from March 2-5, 2014. Each participant experienced a cultural enrichment that stemmed from diverse, dynamic subjects offered such as martial arts and music. They were exposed to different languages and introduced to pastimes of other countries, with each session offering something unique, different, and new.

IYF volunteers in particular regarded this opportunity as a time to reconnect with God, serve others with the heart of God, and share their learnings and experiences with WWO constituents from being active members of IYF. IYF first connected to Worldwide Orphans Foundation through the 2013 IYF World Camp in New York, where WWO founder Dr. Jane Aronson delivered an informative and passionate speech to IYF World Camp attendees and met with IYF Founder Pastor Ock Soo Park. Subsequent discussions with WWO headquarters and its Haiti branch led to this successful collaboration.

IYF USA continues to work with its Haiti branch to partner with youth-centered organizations in and around the Port Au Prince area.



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