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IYF English Camp in Haiti has kicked off!

It’s June 4th and the 2nd annual IYF English Camp in Haiti has begun! Attendance has been taken and we have double the attendance from last year. IYF English Camp will be held in 7 schools over a span of 10 days.

Inter Familia and Lycee Benoit Batravic, two of the participating schools, warmly welcomed us as we kicked off our English Camp programs.

The student body at Inter Familia is comprised of elementary all the way to high school. This is the second time IYF is holding the camp here and has witnessed increased support from the principal and school board.

It was amazing to see students recognizing their teachers from 2012 and racing into their arms to give them warm hugs.

IYF English Camp consists of six sections: English 1 and 2, IYF Academy, Song & Dance, Music, and Gospel Class. Music is a new class conducted in partnership with Gracias School of Music volunteers. For many of our participants, it was their first opportunity to listen to live classical music.

The majority also discovered the Gospel Class as the unique offering of IYF English Camp. The class has already become the gateway for them to meet God.

So, what has changed about Haiti since last year? The airport and infrastructure have improved and the Good News Haiti Church congregation has exponentially grown as well.

The volunteers who received salvation during the 2012 IYF English Camp helped establish the Haiti church for over 6 months. And approximately 300 volunteers participated in the English Camp workshop for 2 months and attended the church meetings on a regular basis. Many students were saved and became a great joy for rest of the congregation.

We’re certain God is pleased with the work here and we know He will lead the rest of the English Camp.

We anticipate the Gospel will be preached to 10,000 students over the course of 10 days and eventually will be spread throughout Haiti. We believe that the Gospel will resurrect and change this country.

Attached is a letter from the principal of Inter Familia School:

Dear IYF,

We are very pleased to meet with IYF.

We appreciate what you are doing for us.

After the last English Camp, we often saw our students trying to speak the English they learned from .

We are writing this letter to request for another camp this year since we experienced how good impact it had given us.

Thank you very much for returning and we will be very happy if you come again next year because you deliver courage and hope to the students.

We love you.


Joseph Pierre Antoine Francillon

Principal of Inter Familia School

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