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IYF Meets Haitian Minister of Youth and Sports (June 22, 2012)

On June 12, 2012, there was a meeting between Pastor Yeong Kook Park from Good News New York Church and Jean Roosevelt Rene, the Haitian Minister of Youth and Sports, in Port-Au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti. Having the Minister of Youth Forum ahead in Korea, the meeting has held to introduce the IYF and the World Camp to the Minister. The Minister of Youth and Sports showed interest in IYF and asked about the organization. Moreover, he showed great interest in the 2012 English Camp in Haiti. As he asked in details about the number of the attendees, preparation process, and the progress of the camp, he spoke of his appreciation about IYF members spending their precious time with Haitians with a great English Camp.

Haitian Minister has been invited to the Minister of Youth Forum which will be held in World Camp in Korea from July 1st through 8th. Hereupon, the Minister unceasingly asked questions about the World Camp. Pastor Yeong Kook Park answered, “IYF World Camp is the camp that teaches the world of heart to 1500 attendees. Korea was the poorest country caused by a war in 1950. We even received aid from Haiti. However, the economy has developed greatly and large enterprises such as Sam Sung and Hyundai are continually growing now days. Therefore, Ministers from different countries want to know the source of Korea’s rapid growth and about Korea’s industry and agriculture.”

Furthermore, the Minister asked about the purpose and the object of the World Camp. On this, Pastor answered, “These days, the problem of youth is an issue. The World Camp has started to teach youth the world of heart. This camp is founded by Pastor Ock Soo Park and it covers two major themes. First, it is the world of heart. We would like to teach youth the world of heart and how to gain strong mindset through Bible. Leaders do not have to be smart but should have strong mindset. Secondly, we cover the field of medicine. One of the members of our organization has discovered a plant stem cell. It received attention as it was introduced on Nature Magazine. Through this discovery, we were able to help many people; we would like to help Haiti as well.”

The Minister showed positive interest in the World Camp in Korea and gave a definite answer of him attending the forum with his aide. The meeting with the Haitian Minister was a great opportunity for IYF to be known to many people. We hope to continue this good relationship and meeting.

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