[Jacksonville, USA] “Silent Night, Holy Night in Jacksonville”

The 23rd city is Jacksonville.

For the last five years, Missionary Seyoung Park has been preparing the Christmas Cantata every October. However, there were some difficulties this year. The expensive venue rental fee (the Arena rented this year is 5 times more expensive than concert halls), stress from church construction, the complaints from brothers and sisters, etc. made things difficult for Missionary Park.

The Christmas Cantata that opened on the 14th of October at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena delivers the true gospel to the citizens of the city.

Today, 31 pastors attended the Christian Leader’s Meeting at Jacksonville to discover the plan God had towards people and accepted the gospel. “Humans can never overcome sin with their efforts but God loved these people, passing over the sins of people to Jesus.” Many pastors listening to the words responded with ‘Amen.’

At Jacksonville, where the Christmas Cantata has taken place for 4 years, the Christmas Cantata has earned its reputation. Hearing news of the Cantata, the Jacksonville citizens started to stand in line an hour before the show.

Missionary Seyoung Park cannot forget the 14th of October when he met Pastor Carlos. He is the Pastor that took particular interest and gave help when the Missionary went in search of pastors to invite to the Cantata and Christian Leader’s Meeting. “Pastor Carlos sent volunteers, rice, and food. He was astonished at how we were proceeding with these things despite the difficult circumstances.”

“Missionary Seyoung Park’s faith moved me. It was very interesting to see how he was preaching the gospel and the Christmas Cantata in America. Today, Pastor Ock Soo Park’s message that we are righteous became clear to me. I knew the bible but he made me realize more clearly that I am righteous. Thank you!” – Pastor Carlos

“The story in the Pastor’s memory was touching. He spoke about the earth. God made the earth bring forth fruits and it doesn’t matter what kind of person I am or what I do because I am like the earth. It’s more important to see things through God’s eyes. I have become righteous through the eyes of Jesus. I had been misunderstanding God but I have clearly understood the heart of God.” Pastor Jonathan K. Dees who is currently the music leader in the church also said, “I’m really looking forward to how the Words of God will be depicted” at the Cantata today.

3500 people attended at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. The citizens discovered ‘God’s love towards the citizens of Jacksonville’ through the message of Pastor Ock Soo Park. There aren’t a lot of high-class performances in Jacksonville so there were many citizens who were surprised to have received such a beautiful performance as a gift in their mailbox.

Pastor Ock Soo Park said that people tried to kill the Woman Caught in Adultery and talk negatively about her but Jesus said, ‘Go and sin no more,’ the bible always speaking of hopeful things.

There was one citizen who had attended the Christmas Cantata 4 times and came wearing red this time saying, “As the Pastor said today, if God says we’re righteous then we’re righteous!”

“It was even more moving to see the birth of Jesus in the past being shown in the present through the 1st stage of this performance. I have also seen many performances as a choir member but the ‘Hallelujah’ in the 3rd stage gave me goosebumps.” – Tina

“This is my first time coming to this performance and the 2nd stage was exactly the same as our family. My husband is very busy because he is a soldier and he always tells his son “later.” My son even says that he wants to go to the church that well-expresses this performance. I’m so thankful that they taught us the love of Jesus in the 1st stage.” -Shantel Paul and Kyle Paul

God knocked on the doors of the Jacksonville citizens’ hearts today. Missionary Seyoung Park discovered that the eyes he have seen through and all his thoughts were wrong, having hope that God will save the 7000 citizens of Jacksonville as his heart moved into the world of the Words. The holiness of Jesus silently visited the hearts of the people of Jacksonville.





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