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Jacob Who Followed the Words of His Mother

Jacob threw away his thoughts and judgment that seemed right, listened to the words of his mother, and then followed her words. It is not that we need to read the Bible to gain a lot of knowledge. We need to discover the heart of God within the Bible and upon accepting the words be of one heart with God; thus, from that moment on we can be held in the hands of God while we work.

The Reason Why God Cannot Work The way we look and think about a circumstance or situation is completely different from how God looks and thinks about it. Therefore, there is something that people must do when God works; simply put it is to throw away one’s thoughts and receive the Words. The reason why God cannot be within us and is not with us in the Gospel work we do isn’t because we lack in effort, sincerity, or because we are evil. It is because we try to follow God with our own thoughts.

Far from a Blessing, I Am Going to Be Cursed In Genesis chapter 27, Isaac loved his first son, Esau and did not love Jacob. One day, Isaac called Esau to him and said, “If you make me savory meat that you have hunted for me, then I will bless you with all my heart.” Rebekah heard these words and immediately called Jacob as soon as Esau left for hunting. “You, go quickly and bring me a kid goat. I will make the savory meat that your father enjoys, and you will take it to your father and receive the blessing.” Rebekah’s plan was precise and perfect; however, it didn’t seem so in the eyes of Jacob. Therefore, Jacob brought forth the exact opposite thought to that of his mother Rebekah. “My brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man. When my father feels me, he will perceive me and far from a blessing, I will be cursed.” “Let your curse be on me, my son; only obey my voice, and go, get them for me.”

Jacob Who Believed in His Mother Rebekah Here, Rebekah is a picture of Jesus because He is the One who received the curse instead of us in the Bible. Even though Jesus was cursed instead of us, He still works for us; Rebekah said that she would receive the curse if anything went wrong. Jacob would have thought, “Even if he is blind, my father will perceive me when he feels me. Then, I will be a deceiver, and receive the curse.” Therefore, he would have said, “Mother, please do not say such things! How can I receive the blessing when my voice and body is different from my brother Esau? I don’t have to receive the blessing so I quit!” However, Jacob believed in his mother Rebekah who would take responsibility for everything. “Do I follow my thoughts or follow the words of my mother?” Jacob had to choose between the two. Jacob chose the words of his mother and by believing her, threw away his thoughts. According to his mother’s words, Jacob brought the kid goat. With that, Rebekah made the food that Isaac liked the most. Also, with the goat’s hair, she covered the hands, neck, and the smooth places of Jacob’s body. She had prepared everything so with no lacking he could receive his father’s blessing.

Although It Seems as if It Will Not Work Jacob was in no condition to stand in front of his father Isaac. However, his mother Rebekah prepared everything for him; thus, he received the blessing. At first, he was uneasy about what his mother would do. It seemed as if it wouldn’t work. Today, when we listen to the Word of Jesus, we think that it won’t work and we’ll be ruined if we follow those Words. At that time, don’t fall into your thoughts. Just as Jacob believed in his mother Rebekah, we need to believe in the Word of God and accept it. Since the Word of God is different from our thoughts, it’s natural for the Words to not suit our hearts. It’s natural for us to think that it will not work out. However, the 66 books in the Bible are the Words of God and there was never a time when God spoke the Words and said that it would work out when it didn’t.

What Changes Our Lives? There is a truth that we must certainly know. In the Word of God, it is said that God’s thoughts and our thoughts are different. Therefore, when we see by our thoughts, we think that the Words spoken by God will not work. When we throw away our thoughts and look with the eyes of God we are able to have faith and realize that God will work. But, why is spiritual life difficult? It is because we try to do things with our thoughts and our experiences. Now, no matter how good our knowledge and experiences are we need to change that to the thoughts of Jesus. We need to change it to the Word of God. What is it that changes our lives? It is in fact, our hearts that change our lives. However, no matter how much we fix our heart, it is still centered on our flesh. It is dirty and evil. We need to throw away our thoughts, open the Bible, and accept the Word of God. That is when God works while living in our hearts. Jacob listened to the words of his mother and threw away his thoughts and judgments that seemed right. Then, he followed his mother’s words. It is not that we need to read the Bible and gain a lot of knowledge. We need to discover the heart of God within the Bible, throw away the thoughts that are different from that heart, and receive the Word of God. When we accept the Word of God and become as one heart with Him, then we can work being held in the hands of the power of God.



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