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[Japan] God Has Opened the Door for the Gospel in Japan through Mind Education

With the start of the New Year, there was a lecture on Mind Education led by Mind Education experts (Pastors Jaehong Kim, Huimoon Lee and Yangsoo Park) from the 19th to the 23rd of January. With the theme of ‘Self-Development for a Happier and Successful Life’, the event was held for three days in Tokyo and another 2 days is Osaka and Yamagata. The congregation in Japan felt strongly the need for Mind Education and the fact that happiness depends on the success and happiness of a person.


On the first day, speaker Jaehong Kim explained the reason why more developed countries have higher suicide percentages. He explained that the suicide occurs when a person’s heart is upset then that heart leads to it becoming unhealthy eventually resting on the topic of suicide. He added that although many people think that the hurting of the heart is all because of being treated with verbal abuse or the situations that they are placed in, it is actually because they have a weak heart. Using the example of tofu and a brick, he said that a tofu can easily be broken because it is weak but the brick cannot be affected as it is strong. He also spoke about the bullet proof glass and why it is bullet-proof. Just like how the film in between the glass makes it bullet proof, he emphasised that although people may have weak hearts, if they have the faith in God they will become stronger. All the people who attended the lecture were able to diagnose their own hearts after listening about the world of the heart.







In the morning of the 21st, Pastor Huimoon Lee explained about the contrast between the heart and the body under the title, ‘The Heart, Just Another World”. He elaborated saying that just as the body is regularly checked up on and receives treatment, the heart must also receive a diagnosis and treatment. He also mentioned that just as the body has many functions, the heart also has many functions meaning that it is important to learn these functions. It was a Mind Education Lecture that made the listeners fall into a trance as the speaker further mentioned that it is just as important to maintain a good health for the heart as it is for the body.







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