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[Japan] News on the last day of Japan World Camp which was filled with excitement (May 10, 2012)

In the morning we listened to a lecture by actress Nakanisi Miho who was invited as the special guest lecturer. Nakanisi Miho, who has received attention for her most recent drama, explained about her process of becoming an actress and spoke about the importance of having a dream. Through overcoming her parents’ opposition and a period of obscurity, she faced many hardships prior to becoming successful, however gained joy when her dream was accomplished. She told the students to never give up on their dreams.

The following program was an African acapella performance by the Gracias Choir. The IYF students responded enthusiastically to the first Swahili song they ever heard, and even some Japanese students who at first were not used to the performance, gradually began to enjoy the performance and were happy.

During the Mind Lecture in the afternoon, Pastor Ock Soo Park, by using his testimony of when he was healed from his aching stomach through Mark chapter 11 verse 24, said that amazing works arise when our hearts flow with God’s. Furthermore, he stated that it is difficult to accept through your thoughts, the words of Colossians chapter 2 verse 13 which says that God washed all of our sins, however when your heart is the same as God’s; you can become the happiest person in the world.

Continuing from last year, there were nearly 30 volunteer students who helped with protocols, exhibitions, interpretation, ushering and several aspects of the camp operation during this year’s Japan World Camp. Although they were busy and exhausted throughout the camp, the volunteers said that seeing others laughing while volunteering was truly a joyful and delightful time and that they wished to participate in next year’s World Camp. Through attending Mind Lectures and Gospel Class they learned how to communicate with others and learned that their sins were washed by the blood of Jesus.

The last event of the World Camp was much-awaited by the saints of Japan, the Christmas Cantata. In addition to the participants, a member of the Imperial Family, a congressman, a president of a theology institution and many other VIPs as well as citizens attended and filled the 1800 seat theatre.

The much-awaited Cantata praised the true meaning of Easter in Acts one and two, and Act three that showed a family sharing one heart on Christmas night received an ovation of laughter and understanding. After the final act, Act four, requests for an encore continued. When “The Only Flower in the World”, the most loved song by Japanese, ended, a standing ovation occurred.

This year’s Gracias Choir Christmas Cantata opened the hearts of many Japanese people who were wary of Christianity, and to World Camp participants it presented them with a last, unforgettable memory.

As the camp came to an end, participants and volunteers were saddened to separate. They were so happy to be able to share their hearts and promised to attend the next camp.

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