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[Japan] The ‘Japan Mind Student Camp’ in Nagano

From the 29th to the 31st of March 2016, the Japan Student Camp was held at Nagano at the Youth House in Nagano National Shinju Highland surrounded by nature (国立信州高遠青少年自然の家).

In the afternoon of the 29th, over 100 students from elementary to university from 10 Good News Mission Churches in Japan gathered in one spot for the student camp.


At this student camp, many students listened to the mind lecture with sincerity as its title suggests; “IYF MIND FELLOWSHIP STUDENT CAMP.” As the hearts of the students changed one by one during the group meeting time as they asked questions and talked about the heart, they spent a truly joyful time.


The various performances of the overseas volunteer every morning and evening were prepared wholeheartedly despite difference in language and culture and delivered joy and inspiration to the participating students.



Moreover, a mind contest was held every day at this camp. 42 students presented a mind lecture based on their experience. Especially a student named Abe Nozomi from Osaka gave a lecture on the title [Electricity of the Heart]. She testified, “When the electricity of the heart is turned off, it becomes a problem to show the embarrassing and dark side when I want to show the good side. When the electricity of the heart is turned on, it doesn’t become a problem to show everything in my heart. When I show everything, my heart becomes peaceful and bright. I lived with a dark heart until now because I had to hide my heart that hated the church because I liked the world. But after listening to the Words, I saw that my heart became bright and Jesus entered my heart when I opened my heart instead of hiding it and spoke about myself. Also, I am thankful to think that it is not I but the Jesus in me that God works through.”


In the afternoon session, the students spent enjoyable time learning about self-control, discovery, desire, communication, exchange etc. of the mind through the mind recreation or Scavenger Hunt games.




On the first day, the evening lecturer Pastor Jin Ho Lee spoke, “As germs die when they come out of our body, our hearts are emptied when we speak about even the smallest things in our hearts and that is when my heart can be connected to God.” Also, on the second day, he preached saying, “As there was an empty cup in the butler’s hand, God can use us to the fullest when our hearts are emptied and like blank paper” through the Scriptures in Genesis chapter 40. Afterwards, the students started bringing out concerns or the stories of their hearts they weren’t able to talk about before and, God drew a beautiful picture in the students’ hearts that became like blank paper. It was a precious camp in which the students were able to realize that change in the heart begins not with oneself but with the Words and the church.


We are hopeful to think that the students that learned about the heart of God through this camp will become the stars of Japan and cover it with happiness.

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