[Japan] The ‘Japan Mind Student Camp’ in Nagano

From the 29th to the 31st of March 2016, the Japan Student Camp was held at Nagano at the Youth House in Nagano National Shinju Highland surrounded by nature (国立信州高遠青少年自然の家).

In the afternoon of the 29th, over 100 students from elementary to university from 10 Good News Mission Churches in Japan gathered in one spot for the student camp.


At this student camp, many students listened to the mind lecture with sincerity as its title suggests; “IYF MIND FELLOWSHIP STUDENT CAMP.” As the hearts of the students changed one by one during the group meeting time as they asked questions and talked about the heart, they spent a truly joyful time.


The various performances of the overseas volunteer every morning and evening were prepared wholeheartedly despite difference in language and culture and delivered joy and inspiration to the participating students.