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[Jeonju] The Global Youth’s Energetic Dances are an Oasis of the Hot Summer

The International Youth Fellowship(IYF) began the splendid performance of the 2016 World Cultural Dance Festival at the Chonbuk National University Cultural Center at 7:30 pm on July 1st.

At this event, over 260 participants of the 11 overseas teams from 10 countries who passed the country preliminary participated and presented dances containing colourful tradition and culture of different nations.


At the World Cultural Dance Festival, which is the 5th this year, increases in content and quality with each year, becoming a festival for the worldwide dance teams to showcase their passion for dance, exchange their hearts, and promote cohesion.

As the many citizens of Jeonju city who walked into the performance hall spectated the dance performance and traditional music of the world that they could not come across easily, it was a time to enjoy the fervour of the dance festival. Beginning with guitar duo Rio Montana’s opening stage, Chairman Suk Hwa Yoon’s welcoming speech, The People’s Party Congressman Gwan Young Kim’s congratulatory video, Founder Pastor Ock Soo Park and The People’s Party Congressman Bae Suk Cho, and Culture, Sports, and Tourism Committee Chairman Sung Yeop Yoo’s congratulatory message followed along with the introduction of Dancer Hye Kyung Lee and 5 other judges.


IYF Founder Pastor Ock Soo Park said, “As there are machines that exhaust heat when the engine is heated. Dance plays the role of relieving the pain and worries in the hearts of people. Let go of all the pain and sadness in your hearts tonight, everyone.”

Judge Hye Kyung Lee went on stage and explained to the dance teams the 6 judging criteria of “free smile, creativity, expression, cooperativity, quality of work, and response of audience.


At the performance that was carried out in the order of Cambodia, China, Japan, India, Ukraine, Philippines, Thailand, and Cote d’Ivoire, each nation’s culture could be seen. In between the performance, the atmosphere was heightened by the congratulatory performance by the Jeonju region B-boy group “Last for one.” It was even more exciting as the students of “Lincoln House Busan School” run in 9 cities showed the fan dance and Jeonju University presented the Taekwondo demonstration. “The honour of the Grand Prize of 2016 World Cultural Dance Festival was given to the team of China and experienced the joy of receiving 5,000 dollars as additional prize.


Gold Prize(3,000 dollars) was awarded to the team of Cote d’Ivoire, the Silver Prize(2,000 dollars) was awarded to the team of Philippines, and the Bronze Prize(1,000 dollars) was awarded to the team of Korea (Righteous Stars).

The 4 teams that were awarded at this 2016 World Cultural Dance Festival, will specially perform at the opening ceremony of the 2016 IYF World Culture Camp at 7 pm on the coming 5th at the Busan Haeundae Beach.

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