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June 13, 2015 Saturday Cyber Fellowship of Pastor Ock Soo Park

John 5:8. Jesus said unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk. As I’m living inside of the Lord like this day by day, I see God working, but I never once thought that I was Jesus. But the Bible says God gave us the righteousness he gave to Jesus, he gave us the heart of Jesus, he gave us Jesus’s promises, and he gave us power. He gave us the grace to be able to do the same things as Jesus. So when I think about happy God is to appear through us, so that I can now say I am Jesus, I am so grateful. The only one who say to the man with the infirmity for 38 years, to tell him to get up and carry his bed and walk, is only Jesus. And the only one who can actually make him get up and carry his bed and walk is only Jesus. The Lord has now gone to heaven and is there, but he wants to work through us. I went to India this time, and it’s so hot. By God’s grace, it was cool in Manipur, but when we came to Delhi, it was scorching. It was so hot, that it was almost unbearable, it was so hot. God did a lot of truly amazing works in Manipur. Even though there’s no church there in Manipur, and there’s no brothers or sisters even, but God allowed us to have a place for the Bible Crusade, the hotel manager opened his heart and helped us, and the radio broadcasting station gave announcements about us 100 times, so that after that many listeners were able to listen to the gospel, and the newspapers praised us every day. God gave us that kind of precious grace. Yesterday, we arrived at Delhi at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We arrived, and we had a pastor’s meeting from four in the afternoon, and then we tried to have an assembly in the evening, but the problem was, the police came and they didn’t let us have the Bible Crusade. Because we had to get permission to have a Bible Crusade, but that didn’t really work out, and especially for a foreigner to go up on a platform and speak the word of God, all of that was how it was in Delhi especially, they said. They said no, so actually, there were about 40 local pastors, and we went into a small room and preached the word and preached the gospel for 1 or 2 hours, but when we left the room, we were so gloomy. We told our story, and asked the pastors, “Is there any of you who can let us have a place in your church to have a Bible Crusade?” Several people came out and said yes, they can, but even there, for this or that reason, it couldn’t properly work out. So now, there’s only two days left, Saturday and Sunday, so in this amount of time, it’s almost impossible to have the Bible Seminar in Delhi. So last night, we gathered in the Delhi church and had a Bible Seminar, but it’s a church that fits only 100 people, so 350 people came and they even sat in the streets. So when the Bible Seminar was over, it was gloomy, but after it was finished yesterday, our brothers went to the police station and requested for a place. But since it was not possible, they went again to the higher authorities of the police station, and the news we heard yesterday was that “We got legal permission to have the Bible Crusade.” “Well, yesterday, we had to have the Bible Seminar, but why did the police say no?” “Oh, the manager of the Bible Seminar place didn’t let us.” The manager said, “Oh, I’m sorry.” So, if that’s the case, then even if a foreigner preaches the word of God, it’s good, and we got the permission, so can the Gracias Choir actually sing now? We doubted that, and it was okay for local pastors to preach, but it was impossible for foreigners to do that, but when it worked out, we saw that such a miraculous thing happened.

This year of 2015, for one year, we saw God working inside of us, who are lacking, so that no matter where we went, God worked powerfully. I believe that there were perhaps many people who prayed in Korea, and it’s such a great miracle for us, even greater than Jesus saying to the miracle of the man with the 38 years of sickness to get up and take his bed and walk, and for him to get up, it’s greater than that. We were happy and joyful, and yesterday, from Saturday morning, we made a schedule, and we made various programs for the Bible Crusade. We’re doing the gospel class, and those pastors who went to Korea are telling everybody, I’m telling you, and we’re so unspeakably happy and overjoyed.

The important thing is this work is related to the gospel. It’s not our work, but it’s God’s work. The more we do the work, the more God is working together with us, and we could experience how beautiful and precious that was. For the past several years, there were truly miraculous things that happened, things that were impossible, that could never have happened. So, I thought “Oh, now, it’s not gonna work out. This time, we couldn’t do the Bible Crusade in Delhi last night, so how are we gonna spend the time?” I thought like that, but last night, truly our brothers and sisters went late night to the police station and they said no, but they went to the higher authorities, and it was impossible for foreigners to preach the word in Delhi, but as that opened up for us, I was so thankful that God allowed it.

So God turned our worry into happiness. All last night, the brothers and sisters were happy, and when they woke up this morning, and got up, they were happy and had such a good time. God is with us, and he did this for us. The God who raised Lazarus from the dead, the God who picked up the man who was sick for 38 years, the Jesus who raised the paralytic, he raised the hope that was dead in our hearts, and he gave us a new heart in a work that was only despairing. And when I saw him doing that, I was so thankful. We blazed a trail in the city of Imphal in Manipur, so now there are 13 churches in India set up, and the gospel is being preached strongly. Especially last year, when we hosted the IYF World Camps in 20 colleges and universities, so many people received salvation. God allowed that amazing thing to happen. And this year, when I see him working strongly, I’m so very thankful. And when I think about how God is blooming the gospel all over the world, I’m thankful. When we first sent the missionaries in Korea, and when we first started the IYF, it looked really and truly hard and difficult and impossible, and there were so many things like that, but so many college students gathered together. And now, especially, recently, as we’re doing the mind education, the education officials or the government officials are so amazed and surprised. “If only we had learned this kind of mindset!” As they see the students changing, government groups are helping us and trying to work together with us, so in the end, I was thankful to God who led us with the gospel. It looks like Satan is stopping us so many times it cannot be counted and that he is blocking us, but I felt that if God has placed open doors for the gospel, there is no one who can close it.

Jesus saw the 38 year sick man, who had no hope and who looked like he could never walk ever. There were many people who saw this man who was sick for 38 years, but those people’s thoughts and Jesus’s thoughts were different. They pitied him, and said it wouldn’t work out, do you want a piece of bread? Do you want me to throw you some coins? There was nobody who thought thoughts other than this. But Jesus, he didn’t give him money, and he didn’t give him a piece of bread. He said to the man, “Get up, take your bed, and walk.” He just spoke one word. That Jesus, even though we don’t see him, is speaking to many people through us. Jesus is saying this to the many people who say, “I can’t preach the gospel, I don’t have faith, I’m weak.” He said to get up, take up your bed, and walk, and he told us to get up, take up our bed, and walk, and he said we can do these activities, and we can do this work. We listen to that, and we also say, “How can I walk? How can I? It’s impossible for me.” We have that kind of heart, but we change our hearts once before Jesus. This is my thought and “Jesus said for me to take my bed and walk, so if I take my bed and walk, then I will walk.” That’s really how it is. Whether it’s when we did the English Camp in Haiti, and so many students received salvation, or last year in the Philippines, when 23,000 teachers received the mind education and the educational world changed, or when in Benin, the president left all the students to us, and wanted us to teach them the mind education, and he gave us land, I’m so thankful. When we went to Manipur, one old man, a grandfather, came to me. That man was a really influential man in Manipur, and he saw the IYF and he was so happy, so he gave us lots of land, about 50 acres. “Pastor, I’m old. I’m 96. But I hope that the many youths in Manipur will become new and bright through this IYF education.”

50 acres is 70 pyeong, right? Since 1 acre is 1250 pyeong, so if it’s 10 acres, it’s 12050 pyeong, so he gave us about 70000 pyeong of land. When I think about it, I’m grateful, and yesterday, the son came and said that if we concretely set up a plan, he said he wouldn’t just give us land, but that he would help us in many things. Still, we haven’t set up a concrete plan, and we went to Korea and talked a lot about it. So, how can we do this? How should we set it up? The pastors were talking about it, and we said that we have to have a pastor’s meeting to talk about it, but we still haven’t decided, and so it wasn’t decided, but we came here. But anyway, even him giving us land for us to do the work, I’m thankful, but many people opened their hearts, and especially as I had the interview in the radio broadcasting station, they said, “I saw that there are people who say that Pastor Ock Soo Park, you are a heretic, so please explain about that.” “Yes, there are many people like that. Always, as we do the work of the gospel, there are even people who go against us, and there are people who make resistance happen, too. There are many, but what kind of problem is that?” So then, that person was so happy, and said, “That’s right! Every time God does something, it’s always like that!” So in the radio station, that problem was all solved, and in Manipur, many people opened their hearts and came, and especially, I took a picture with the Gracias Choir people who went, and underneath it is written Eunhye Jo and Jinyeong Park, and I put it in my house. It was such a happy and enjoyable time. God is even now speaking to us.

Maybe you’re saying, “I can’t preach, I can’t do the work of God, I’m just like the man with the infirmity for 38 years.” Is there anybody who has that heart lying around? Jesus said, “Get up, take up your bed, and walk.” Everyone, since Jesus said it, you can walk. I hope that you become people who get up together for the gospel, and live for the gospel, and serve the Lord. I’ll see you in Korea. Thank you. Until next time, everyone. Good bye.

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