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[Kazakhstan] Central Asia ‘Education Leaders’ Forum’


On April 5th, the IYF Kazakhstan branch invited Pastor Jae Hong Kim and held the “Education Leaders’ Forum” at the old capital Almaty with education personnel from Central Asian countries.


Pastor Jae Hong Kim spoke, “A weak heart brings a miserable life. People with strong hearts who do not avoid burdens and challenge themselves live a happy life,” and lectured on the need and importance of the mind education.



As 170 presidents, vice-presidents, professors, vice-principals, psychology teachers, etc. education personnel listened to the lecture, they sympathized with the need and importance of the mind education.


The president of Kazguu University in Kyzylorda revealed, “I was so inspired at the last mind lecture held on March 25th that I have come to attend this forum.”

During coffee break, several presidents requested the guest mind lecturers to come to their school to give mind lecture. They replied that they would discuss with the Kazakhstan branch after the forum to carry out mind education.


After the lecture, there were many specific questions such as “How much is the fee?” “How long is the training?” “Do you have a program that can change the mind in a short period of time?” “Is there a case in which a person trained to become a mind lecture changed the mind of another person?” and they paid careful attention to the answers. They responded fervently with joy and sincerity as if they had found the answer to a long problem of youth education.


The education personnel of Kazakhstan were amazed by the mind education program that had led change in the minds of youths for 20 years and, almost all of them revealed their wishes to attend the next forum. Many participants expressed that they wanted to have such mind lecture at their educational institutes. Also, they commented saying that the contents of the forum were very fruitful and thankful.

As the Kazakhstan branch manager gave his closing remarks, he delivered his vision for the future of mind education saying, “Although the guest lecturer will return to Korea, I will remain here and work for the youths of this country together with all of you, forever,” and the education personnel expressed welcome and thanks with applause.


Moreover, Kazakhstan’s most prestigious national broadcast, ‘Perviy Kanal Evraziya’ (Channel 1) covered news on the Education Leaders’ Forum. There are hopes that if many people see this news when it is broadcasted across Central Asia, they will be even more interested in the mind education.

As the New Year’s message given by God, every time a new path was taken it was fulfilled as the scriptures, and all the participating education personnel opened their hearts. It was as if God had opened wide the doors of the gospel.

There is hope that God will allow the abundant fruits of the gospel around the world to also work strongly in Central Asia as the New Year’s message. Thanks and glory given to God.



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