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[Kenya] 2011 World Camp in Kenya (August 09, 2011)

By morning and evening, Kenya’s wintry weather brings one to crouch from cool breeze that hangs just over 10°C. But where IYF World Camp is making progress in Nairobi, Kenya, the city is growing warm by the heat of passion that arises from the happy students participating in the event.

The 4th World Camp in Nairobi launched on Aug. 3rd, 2011. And on 5th, the opening ceremony commenced at the outdoor stage of IYF headquarters in Nairobi. Where over 3,000 students and 700 local volunteers were gathered, various presentations were delivered: African traditional dance by the Safari Park Hotel performance team, Korean fan dance by Lincoln School students, cultural stages by local students, and musical performances by the Gracias Choir.

Especially this day was honored by the presence of over 10 government officials, including Prime Minister, Minister/ Vice Minister of Youth and Vice Minister of Nairobi Development, as well as over 40 members of industrial officials who congratulated the event.

Minister of Youth Otuoma, who’d previously visited Korea for IYF World Camp and Minister of Youth World Forum, arrived 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to welcome Pastor Ock Soo Park’s visit to Kenya and delivered a message of thanks.

Also, Prime Minister Raila Odinga stated, “It is amazing to see many youths, who will lead the future of Kenya, are gathered in one place to learn mind-control through IYF World Camp.”

In his congratulatory message, Pastor Ock Soo Park mentioned that many youths are wasting their lives under self-determination and resolve and added, “If you learn what’s leading your heart and how to break free from it through the bible, then you will be able to live a happy life.”

We look forward to this world camp through which many youths of Kenya will experience change by learning the world of heart based on the bible and grow into leaders of next generation.

Joo Eun Noh/ 10th Good News Corps Volunteer

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