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(Kenya) A peaceful festival which gives change to the youth

The weather in Kenya is cool all year around. Especially now when the World Camp is happening it is the coldest time of the year therefore it is easy to see students with thick coats. However, the Kenyan youth who love music, came in front of the stage and dances more passionately and happily than ever.

During the opening ceremony of the IYF World Camp the cultural performances of China and Africa made the eyes of Kenyan youths all over the country very wide.

More than 4000 youths were more concentrated than ever and at times serious and united too. Therefore the blueprint of Africa’s future seems bright. The Kenyan Government is calling the IYF World Camp the ‘Peace Festival,’ and acknowledges the event as a national one.

William Samoei Ruto the Vice President of Kenya also attended and spoke about his daughter’s experience two years ago when she attended the camp. He advised stating’, I know the heart of the parents who have sent you here,’ and ‘I hope you learn many things while communicating with others.’ Although there are many tribes in Kenya the Vice President encouraged the youth by saying, ‘Although you may be from different tribes, whether you are the child of a king, child of a manual worker, child of a vegetable seller or although you may be in different positions you are all children of Kenya. I hope that through participating in this IYF World Camp, you try your best and receive the opportunity for the best education.’

After the congratulatory message the vice president himself sang a song. One could feel the heart of the vice president who was trying to level his heart with the youth who are the future of Kenya. Even through the tough security of the bodyguards the students took pictures, sang songs together and through that one could strongly feel how much the vice president loved and enjoyed the IYF World Camp. Moreover, through his secretary he delivered sponsorship money so you could feel his heart even more closely.

In the opening ceremony the director of IYF said, ‘ Many youths are losing their dreams and are lost in game addiction or crime. The youths hear music, share their hearts with others, and they also learn the volunteering mind through overseas volunteering.’ Through this he spoke about how to overcome difficulties in life which are hard to speak of.

“I am very touched to be able to help this IYF World Camp for youths. It is amazing to see the IYF uniting the youth and making them into young leaders. If possible I want to continue to sponsor the IYF. I saw the IYF send students all over the world and have also seen them work on a global scale. Our company is also all over the world, I hope that IYF improves in this way and will support them whenever.’

‘I also in the past was a youth and had a dream and matured. Today, seeing this camp gave me new sentiments. The youths are like the sun which rises in the morning. That is why I am pleased to be able to help the youth who have attended this IYF World Camp. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sponsor the event, I will continually support the IYF and will be together with them.’

‘Today I lecture about managing the time with the youth. Although many people compare time to money, many youths are wasting their time. Therefore I emphasized about how to use time most efficiently every day. Our government calls the IYF World Camp the “Peace Festival”. I emphasized how important this camp was to the youth. Society divides the youth, however I think it is not just about the youth but society needs to change as a whole. Like many students asked today, I hope that it could be a time for the students to deeply reflect and think about their lives. The IYF World Camp is very important for our country. I hope the students learn about other youths here and also together learn about the spiritual life. The government will continue to cooperate with the IYF. -Dinna Mwinzi – Youth Education Director.

‘There is the IYF World Camp for the youth and I am delighted to sponsor the event. The fact that the youth who are the main characters of the future come to such camps and interact with each other whilst learning many things about life is very important. If I also have the opportunity to attend the IYF World Camp I would like to also attend. I want to see how the youth participate in the event and how they change. I will continue to support the IYF. I once again feel a deep sense of gratitude because the opening ceremony was so beautiful.” – Charles Kariuki, Equity Bank Representative.

Kenya is one of the most developed countries in Africa. That is why other countries in Africa want to consider Kenya as their model country. However Kenya also for a better development are chaining their focus on the change of the minds of the youth. As a result I believe that the three mentalities of the IYF, “Challenge, Cohesion and Change,’ is the answer in the lives of the youth. The reason why many government officials came to the opening ceremony is that too. It is because the government interprets the mentality of the IYF as the mentality to change Kenyan society and the world.

Through the opening ceremony Kenyan youths are changing. I believe that the World Camp will plant an unforgettable faith, hope and happiness in the hearts of the youth.

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