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(Kenya) Echoes in Nyayo National Stadium

“I believe that many people will come to listen to the word through this Crusade. Because Pastor Ocksoo Park is a man who preaches the true Gospel and leads souls to God. Everyone will get to know Pastor Park who is not simply a preacher but a man who gives himself completely to God and preaches the true word of God!” (Archbishop Kitonga)

The promotion leaflet which had the message of Pastor Kitonga and the welcoming messages of the mayor of Nairobi and its governor was handed out all over Nairobi. Bible Crusade which is centralized around the word is unfamiliar to the Kenyan people. However Kenyans, who are suffering from insecurity due to mild terrorism and political conflicts are trying to return to God. They believe that if they return to the word of God, then God will bless the country and allow peace in it. The crusade started off with the declaration of peace by Pastor Yeongkook Park.

“This crusade is like 2 Kings chapter 7. As the word of God was declared in chapter 7 verse 1 by the prophet, and the word of the lepers gave a new heart to the lepers and made their falling footsteps sound like a great army. The good news which spread throughout Samaria and the works which happened was all included in the words which the prophet spoke. Even in this crusade the word pastor preached to us worked.” Pastor Jinsung Kim

Few years ago setting up chairs on the pitch  dedicated to football was impossible. However when we met the manager of the stadium believing that God will work one day before the crusade, the manager’s heart was completely changed. On the green grass thousands of white chairs were placed and modest people wanting to hear the word of God came and sat down. Regardless of the rainy weather, for one and a half hour the people listened attentively to the word of God.

Over 7000 participants during the day and the evening, apart from that 800 christian leader gathered during the afternoon to share the word for one hour. One bishop who opposed the crusade just a few days ago changed his heart and prayed so that christianity in Kenya can return to the word.

“All the things that we do will simply end up in the pig sty. Your spiritual life is receiving what God has done for you.” (During Pastor Yeongkook Park’s sermon)

Many Kenyans have lived within themselves. That is why when difficulties came they became insecure and when poverty came they were poor. However through this crusade the people will escape from their thoughts and have faith in believing in the word of God. Then the Kenyans will change and the country of Kenya will change. The hymns and praises of the 18 choirs who have participated in the choral competition which happens on GBS TV everyday, echoed all over Nyayo National Stadium!

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