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[Kenya] Establishment of Mahanaim Theology and Character Education School in Kenyan Prisons

To be introduced to 50,000 inmates in 119 Kenyan prisons.

The International Youth Fellowship (IYF) established the Mahanaim Bible Course and Mind Education Training Program in Kenyan prisons. All media in Kenya focused on this significant event of the IYF. Founded at the request of the Kenya Prisons Service, the school is expected to deliver a new world of mind to prison inmates and make a surprising change in Kenya.


In July, Commissioner General of Prisons Mr. Isaiah Osugo visited the 1st World Correctional Service Commissioner Forum. This became the stepping stone in actively carrying out mind lectures in the prisons of Kenya. Mind education was regularly conducted in 16 prisons and showed great results.

Inspired by the outstanding effects of the IYF character education, the Kenyan Commissioner General had promoted the establishment of character education schools in prisons. His goal was to nurture mind education instructors in schools and to spread the mind education to prisons across Kenya.

Finally, on December 6, the opening ceremony of Mahanaim Bible Course and Mind Education Training Program was held at the Kamiti Maximum Prison. In Kamiti Maximum Prison, about 3,000 criminals who have been sentenced to 15 years or more, including murderers and terrorists are imprisoned.

Officer in Charge of Kamiti Maximum Prison Henry Kisingu and Rev. Ki-sung Kim (Good News Bucheon Church) began the event with a commemoration planting. The Officer in Charge said that there was a lot of difficulty with political violence in Kenya, and Pastor Kim talked about the importance of mind education that can calm the radical character of people. Officer Henry Kisingu replied that he expects the Mind Education Training Program, which is being established, to change Kenya greatly.



The signboard hanging ceremony of the Mahanaim Bible Course, which was built inside the Kamiti Prison, was held. Nairobi Prisons Commander Wanini Kireri, Prison Regional Commander of Nairobi County Wairimu Thangate, Officer in Charge of Lang’ata Women’s Prison Olivia Obel, and Officer in Charge of Kamiti Maximum Prison Henry Kisingu attended to reveal the signboard of Mahanaim Bible Course. Looking around inside the Mahanaim seminary, Pastor Kim prayed that the inmates who played a negative role for the nation will become helpful people of society through the theology education.



Inside Kamiti Prison, a total of 300 inmates will receive education, 100 at the Mahanaim Bible Couse and 200 at the Mind Education Training Program, and education will be provided to 50,000 inmates in 119 prisons across the nation at the same time. Wishing for the change of the inmates, the atmosphere was heightened with the performances prepared by the prison and the IYF cultural performances.




The ceremony was followed by the congratulatory messages of prison officials. Prisons Commander Wanini Kireri said, “We must apply the mind education we have learned here to real life.” Further adding how thankful she was for being able to provide such education for the inmates. This education will spread to 50,000 prisoners in 119 prisons in Kenya in hopes that crime will be reduced to become a peaceful Kenya.


Pastor Ki-sung Kim emphasized, “The prisoners mistake themselves to be changed during their imprisonment because they do not commit crime, but repeated crime is not avoided by one’s confidence but by God’s guidance and controlled way of life.” He further added that education through Mahanaim Bible Course and Mind Education Training Program is not simply about accepting knowledge but true change that comes to the mind.




The theological classes and mind character education that starts from today will be held every Monday. It is expected that the inmates who used to suffer because of their own lack of power to govern themselves will live a happy life through the Words of God and the guidance of church by the true gospel and mind education.



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