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[Kenya] Fourth Mahanaim Ministers Graduation (August 16, 2011)

The 4th of Mahanaim ministers graduation ceremony of was held on 4th day of the world camp in Kenya.

It’s the 4th this year and to celebrate 203 graduating ministers, 1000 friends and family came to share this happiness.

The graduation ceremony began with graduates reports by Pastor Winama the vice-minister of Kenya church. The certificate of graduation was given to the representative of the graduates by founder Pastor Ock soo Park, and a speech was given by the representative graduates subsequently.

“I used to think that I have to try so hard like the other ordinary religious people, and refrain myself from committing sins and ask forgiveness of my sins. That’s how I had been living, and taught people as I was a pastor myself. However, I lived an afflicting life because I had sins remaining in my heart, but as I have been learning and studying about the Bible and listening to the gospel precisely, I gained happiness from my heart by believing in the fact that all my sins were washed away by means of the blood of Jesus.”

As Pastor Ock soo Park the founder was giving a congratulatory message, “I hope you can shout out the word you have learned and experience the Lord who is working in your heart, and the work of gospel can come about in each step you take, so many people can receive salvation and praise God. I wish you can become the people whom the Lord is pleased with.”

In the subsequent ceremony of awarding, graduates from 1 year course, 3 years course and 1 year post-graduate course were awarded. Special awards were awarded to 3 students (Witnessing award 1, Mahanaim volunteer award 2), 10 students were awarded with bachelor degrees and other 10 students with diploma degrees, and 2 students were awarded from special class.

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