(Kenya) GBS leaps to global broadcasting company by starting satellite broadcasting.

On 29th of May 2014, GBS started satellite broadcasting in sub-Saharan Africa. Since the founding of GBS in 2009, GBS has quickly established itself as a global broadcasting company. It has launched Kenya digital broadcasting in December 2009, analogue broadcasting in Nairobi and Kisumu in August 2010 and opened up broadcasting channel in Malawi in December 2013.

Kenya GBS Broadcasting Station

GBS was found according to the will of God to spread Gospel throughout the African region and the Middle-East. Although there have been difficulties in the conversion from analogue to digital in Kenya TV broadcasting, we were able to see and experience God working regardless of such circumstances. Through the four years of broadcasting, GBS has become a familiar broadcasting to the people of Kenya. The vivid word of God broadcasted through GBS has opened the hearts of many Christian leaders and governmental authorities in Kenya and led them to communicate with us. It is hopeful to think of the future of Kenya being filled with Gospel and we can see that the role of GBS is not small in achieving this. This year, we plan to prepare construction of local content broadcasting in Malawi and wish to expand our broadcasting to Uganda and Tanzania and spread hope in more countries in Africa.