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[Kenya] God’s Preparation for the Kenyan Bible Crusade

“20 years ago, when Pastor said, ‘Through everyone here, we will start a school and start a broadcast’, I could not believe it. But everything was accomplished just as the heart that God had given His servant. This Bible Crusade is such a glorious event that I am truly thankful about.”

On the evening of the 11th (Tuesday), at the Good News Mission Nairobi Church, local brothers and sisters, missionaries from neighboring countries, pastors and brothers and sisters from all over the world came to participate in the Preparation Service for the Bible Crusade in the Nyayo National Stadium.

Pastor Jong Duk Kim, who was first sent to Kenya as a missionary, was moved, thinking about when he first started preaching the gospel and how God has worked in Kenya for 20 years.

The Bible Crusade in Nairobi is busy busily preparing itself. In the venue, a stage was constructed, and the promotion of the Bible Crusade was continuing on the streets. Not only that, but in the Nairobi church, through the Pastoral Meetings, they were advertising this Bible Crusade.

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