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(Kenya) ‘I hope everyone in Kenya meets the true Gospel.”

“I hope all people in Kenya, can meet the true Gospel.”

‘2014 National Peace Bible Crusade’ which is going to change the history of the Gospel for the next 20 years.

Although in Nyayo National Stadium it rained from the morning it could not stop the footsteps of the people who were thirsting for the word of God.

With the performance from Kenyan Gospel singers Hellena Ken, Rosemary Njage, Rio Montana and the Gracias Choir the audience danced even in the rain.

Pastor Yeongkook Park who stood at the podium after the performances spoke of Luke chapter 15 and spoke about the men’s heart which has become distant from God.

“The thought of the second son which made him think he will be able to do something made him to leave his father. It is the same in our relationship with God. The important thing is that God did not leave us, but rather it was us who left God. Like John who killed himself because he was unaware of his mother’s heart, we departed from God, because we did not know his heart.”

“I listened to the tape that my friend gave me and the words were so great so I came all the way here. Pastor spoke about the prodigal son today, and he said that the son believed in his though rather than the father. I will no longer follow my own thoughts and I will believe in the word of God instead.” – Pastor Lorenc Manzia

Even after the morning events the words continued. While there was the ‘GBS Coral Festival’ in the outdoor stage, inside the gymnasium there was the ‘Leader’s Symposium’ which was held with many pastors, bishops and christian leaders from around the country. The guest speaker was Pastor Jongsoo Yun and he spoke about the man with the infirmity for 38 years in John chapter 5. Through this he explained in detail about the world of ‘Grace.’

“Just like how, the man with the infirmity for 38 years couldn’t get up and was simply on the ground Jesus came and raised him, true spiritual life is when we are unable to do anything and Jesus works for us.”

The 800 christian leaders who filled the gymnasium realized their wrong knowledge about spiritual life and also the wrong teachings of the Kenyan churches and they planted the Gospel in their hearts.

“What is important is, how was the second son able to return to the father? The heart of the father who accepted the son regardless of his image, the second son met this heart of the father and was able to have faith about his father. This made the second son able to return to the father.”

The performances of the Kenyan Gospel singers as well as the hymns of the Rio Montana, the beautiful piano performance by Seunhwan Seok, the mixed ensemble of the Gracias choir made the Kenyans ope their hearts widely. Afterwards through Pastor Yeongkook Park the heart of God was was preached in the morning through Luke chapter 15 about how we have departed from God due to sin.

All events for the first day is over for “2014 National Peace Bible Crusade.”

True peace is not with us, but rather it only belongs to God. Kenyans receiving the peace from God through the Gospel is what we have been doing for the past twenty years and it is the most precious thing that we will be continually doing in the future.

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