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(Kenya) Kenya’s 20th Anniversary Service “God will bless Kenya with this Gospel!”

Kenya’s 20th anniversary service was held with missionaries from all over the world as well as the brothers and sisters who were all overwhelmed for the service as it happened at the Nairobi Church in the evening of November 17th. Pastor Ocksoo Park sent a video message congratulating the people and also sent his war heart.

“I want to congratulate the 20 years of missionary work in Kenya. If you look at Deuteronomy 29 verse 14, for the strangers, fatherless and the widows God made the people to leave some grain on the field during harvest. How happy and thankful would have been these people whenever they discovered a piece of grain?

God remembered Kenyans who were starving spiritually, and he left us in Africa to preach this Gospel. How happy and thankful were the Kenyans when they discovered this Gospel? I believe God would have been very pleased to see the scenes of the Bible Crusade. After the crusade about 180 churches invited us. Bishop Kitonga and other bishops and pastors are with us. Through this crusade God has started a new beginning!”

For the past 20 years nine different pastors have been ministering in the Nairobi Church. Through each of the pastors and their talents and abilities which they received, God has done great works in preaching the Gospel and establishing the church. In the past 20 years of the ministry in Kenya there is a secret. Whenever the servant of God received the heart from above and preached it to the missionaries, those words changed the worthless missionaries’ heart and the words worked inside of them.

“Receive the registration through faith!”, “Start a missionary school!”, “Treat the brothers warmly, they will become better workers of the Gospel then you!”, “I want to preach the word at the Nyayo Stadium!” whenever the servant of God preached about the heart that God has given him, and when others accepted his heart and stepped forward, those words and those hearts are what accomplished the great works. Kenya’s mission work was not accomplished through any individual’s ministry, it was accomplished through the servant who had preached the word and heart of God which he has received.

The word of God which Elisha shouted out to Samaria, gave a new heart that the four lepers never had. Moreover, although they fell and stumbled God made their footsteps sound like a great army. The heart of God which the servant of God delivered to the missionaries revived their hearts which were like the lepers and gave them faith to overcome difficult and burdensome circumstances, and even within their weakness there was a great work of the Gospel.

“The word of God which was preached for thirty minutes in Nyayo Stadium in 1994, for the past twenty years have caused many great works in Africa. When I think about how God will work through his words in the coming 4 days at Nyayo Stadium, I am truly touched.

Just like the words of MC pastor Heeyong Jeon, all the hearts of brothers and sisters were overwhelmed. As we heard about the great weaknesses we had during the past twenty years through pastor Jongduk Kim, Jongsoo Yun, and local pastor Wiemana, everyone laughed and cried together. Through the prayer of pastor Dukman Yang and the words of pastor Wookyong Kim who is the current pastor of the Nairobi church, not just the ministers in Kenya, but ministers from West Africa shared joy through special performances as well.

“Now we are going to cover Kenya with the Gospel. We have now made a new ministers’ organisation and with these people we are going to fight against the wrong spiritual life that exists in Kenya. And true Gospel and precise faith will be established in Kenya. God will work strongly in Kenya. I believe that God will bless Kenya through this Gospel!”

The message of pastor Wookyong Kim sounds like the echoes of Pastor Ocksoo Park twenty years ago. “I have come to Kenya to show that God is alive. God will bless Kenya with this Gospel!”

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